Attractions to explore nearby Ranipuram Peak - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Ranipuram Peak

Ranipuram PeakRanipuram Peak, Kerala 671532

The peak changes its colour depending on the season. From reddish orange in the summer months to dark green in the rainy months.

Panniyarmani Meadow8.48 KMs away from Ranipuram Peak

A large, highly untouched meadow on Western ghats mountain, situated on the Kerala-Karnataka border. The meadow, situated in the middle of the forest and accessible by hiking a steep hill for about an hour comes with amazing views of the forest canopy, 360-degree view of the Western Ghat mountain ranges. The meadow is home for various kinds of honey bees and butterflies, and you will see a lot of uniqie, wildflowers. The meadow also has an small waterhole which elephants makes use of throught t

Kottancheri Hill Station Malom9.38 KMs away from Ranipuram Peak

Part of majestic Western ghats, carpeted by a lush rain forest canopy. A veritable trekker's paradise with numerous trails.