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Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls) - Things to Know Before Visiting

Ariyil, Kerala 670353, India


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About Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

Haritheerthakara waterfalls is a three tiered waterfall in a beautiful, small stream. It is easily accessible through a small walk, and it is a nice spot small adventures for everyone including small children.

Haritheerthakara waterfalls, also known as Ariyil waterfalls and Chooral waterfalls is a relatively small, but three tiered waterfall in a beautiful, small stream. The waterfalls is located near Payyannur in Kannur District of Kerala. It is a little known waterfall, so pretty much empty from visitors, apart from the locals coming over. There are no entry fee as of yet(as of October 2021).

The three tiers of the falls can be climbed and explored except on the monsoon months. From the top level, it feels like an infinity pool as there are some crevices at the edge where you can sit and enjoy the water gliding through your body. The second tier has a sauna like rocky pool where you can sit and let the water splash on you from the top and the sides. The third tier, which has the tallest drop has a wide pool in it. The pool is too shallow, so most people wont be able to swim, except for children. The pool is also filled with a lot of small fishes. You can also stand right under the fall in the third tier.

In the monoon months of June to August, the waterfall will be pumping most amount of water which makes it dangerous to climb and explore. From the months of September to Mid November, the waterfalls will have reduced amount of water which makes it a lot easier to explore. During the rest of the dry months, it becomes a trickle and looks more like a rocky cliff than a waterfall. In any time of the year, be careful of the slippery rocks, you do not want to fall to the rocks below.

If you are planning to visit Google maps will pretty much get you right to the waterfall. The last 200 meters to falls is a muddy road where it is not recomended to get your vehicles through.

Attractions Near Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

Kanayi kanam
Kanayi kanam6.97km from Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

A small stream with several small waterfalls flowing through thick vegetation. The stream has several small pools that are filled with fishes.

Palayi Kadavu
Palayi Kadavu12.15km from Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

Palayi Kadavu is pretty much hidden from outsiders. A couple of kilometers away from Nileshwar town is Palayi Kadavu with its amazing view of coconut plantations bordering its banks, and the slowly moving picturesque Tejaswini river. The river which is rather small upstream looks mighty here, nearing its completion of journey to the Arabian Sea.

Edayilekkadu14.28km from Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

A marshy island noted for its biodiversity and local conservative efforts. Home to endangered "White-bellied Sea Eagle". The monkey feast here during the Onam festival is extraordinary.

Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur
Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur15.59km from Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

Long streches of white sandy beach lined with coconut palms. Popular for sunset, swimming, beach football.

Tejaswini River Rafting
Tejaswini River Rafting18.76km from Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

Tejaswini River Rafting is an exciting white water rafting through the gorgeous upper Tejaswini river. It will take you through the Western Ghat mountains and the lashing monsoon shower. This is one of the few white water rafting offered in the entire Kerala State.

Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)
Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)19.39km from Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

Located 900 meters above sea level, Mount Kottathalachi is accessible either by a 3 km hike or by off road vehicles. The peak is filled with tall green grasses which dances with the cool breeze, and amazing 360 degree views of thousands of Western Ghat Mountain peaks. This is also a local Christian pilgrim site.

Where is Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

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What Visitors Say About Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

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Nithin Mathew
Nithin Mathew
Three step waterfall which I was able to visit on the day I came to know it existed. The fall is on a small stream and it had the perfect amount of water while visiting.

All three steps of the falls can be climbed and explored. The top level makes you feel like you are in an infinity pool, the second as if you are in a sauna with strong water massage, the third has a bigger pool with a lot of fish that would probbaly start to nibble your leg off after staying in the water for a while.

Location from google maps will get you near to the falls, a little bit of walk is required to reach it from the approach road.