Manjampothikunnu in Kasaragod, Kerala, India - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Veera Maruti Temple Rd, Mavungal, Kanhangad, Kerala 671531, India

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About Manjampothikunnu

A beautiful hill giving panoramic views and a colorful sky in the evening. One of the less explored places in the area, best visited in the evening.

Manjampothikunnu is located at Kanhangad in Kasaragod district. This scenic spot is unfamiliar to most people, ideal for people who are looking for a less-crowded destination. Manjampothikunnu in Malayalam means either "Hill covered in mist" or "Hill covered in yellow". Both meanings well suited due to the engulfing mists in the moring and by the yellow colored grass spread across the rocks of the hill.

The hill does not have thick tree coverage, the small lone trees are the only resistance against the scorching sun as the day progresses. The viewpoint on the western side gives a glimpses of Arabian Sea at a distance, and in the evening the beauty of a red sunset and the multiple hues of the sky. The blue hills in the east is a favorite spot for wedding photographers.

According to stories, this hill was formed during the time of war between Lord Rama and Ravana from the epic Ramayana. As Hanuman was passing through this place carrying the mountain which had the Mritha Sanjeevani herb, a part of the mount fell here and it alter became Manjampothikunnu. There is now a temple for Hanuman on the north of this hill -- Manjampothi Veeramaruthi Kshetram.

Attractions near Manjampothikunnu

Swami Nithyananda Ashram4.04km from Manjampothikunnu

There are 44 caves here for meditations and a temple on top of these caves.

Palayi Kadavu9.88km from Manjampothikunnu

Take a dip, admire the beauty of the Tejaswini River, the coconut plantations leaning to it's sides and the small island in the middle.

Bekal Fort10.95km from Manjampothikunnu

The largest fort in Kerala built only for defence purposes.

Kappil Beach- Kasaragod15.22km from Manjampothikunnu

One of the cleanest and pristine beaches in Kerala, decorated with loads of broken sea shells on its sandy floor.

Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur15.32km from Manjampothikunnu

Long streches of white sandy beach lined with coconut palms. Popular for sunset, swimming, beach football.

Edayilekkadu22.84km from Manjampothikunnu

A marshy island noted for its biodiversity and local conservative efforts. Home to endangered "White-bellied Sea Eagle". The monkey feast here during the Onam festival is extraordinary.

Where is Manjampothikunnu

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