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Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi) - 5 Things to Know Before Visiting

Kannur, Kerala 670511, India

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About Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

Located 900 meters above sea level, Mount Kottathalachi is accessible either by a 3 km hike or by off road vehicles. The peak is filled with tall green grasses which dances with the cool breeze, and amazing 360 degree views of thousands of Western Ghat Mountain peaks. This is also a local Christian pilgrim site.

Kottathalachi Mala or Mount Kottathalachi is a 900 meter tall mountain peak in Kannur District of Kerala. It is a famous Christian pilgrimage of the local area and is called “Malayattoor of Malabar”. Malayattoor is another Christian Pilgrimage in Kerala which is well known throughout the state. On Good Friday of 1958, the holy cross was installed at Mount Kottathalachi by Fr. Mathew Mannuramparambil. Since then the first Sunday after Easter is being celebrated here by thousands of pilgrims every year.

Apart from religious importance for the locals, the mount is a famous local attraction since it is the tallest mountain visible from most of the towns nearby. Visitors with off road capability vehicles- either four wheelers or two wheelers can reach till the foot of the mountain and hike up for half a kilometer to the peak. If this is not possible, you will have to undergo a 3 km hike(one way) to reach the top.

The mountain and the surrounding area are home to many kinds of birds and butterflies. Many rare kinds of medicinal herbs are also found here. At the top of the mountain, there is a small chappel and toilet facilities for the visitors to use.

The mount from it's top offers breath-taking views of Western Ghat peaks from all sides. The weather changes quickly. Sometimes its cold and foggy, othertimes sunny and warm. The continuos flow of cool breeze help during a sunny afternoon though, especilly while watching the grasslands dancing to the wind patterns. It is incredible to see the mountain ridges as well as the small towns far below with their schools and churches and shops.

There are few ways to reach the base of the hill. Google Map pretty much helps to navigate till the general area but after that you must seek help from locals to know the correct directions. There are many shortcuts and small unpaved roads, it is possible to easily get confused. In general, there are routes to Mount Kottathalachi from these towns- Pulingome, Prapoyil, Thirumeni. All three small towns are nearby Cherupuzha, the larger town.

Attractions Near Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

Christ the Redeemer statue Thabore (Lord Jesus in Thabore hill top)
Christ the Redeemer statue Thabore (Lord Jesus in Thabore hill top)2.72km from Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

A large sculpture of Christ the Redeemer on top of a hill, overlooking valleys and mountain ranges below. About 2 kilometers of hiking(one side) is required to reach the place. Especially popular for sunset views.

Chathamangalam Hills (Theruvumala Kannur)
Chathamangalam Hills (Theruvumala Kannur)2.84km from Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

Chathamangalam Hills, also known as Theruvumala is a hill station is a trekking spot in the Kannur district of Kerala, India. The hilltop consists of a large plain of grasslands and lies near the border of Coorg in Karnataka.

Tejaswini River Rafting
Tejaswini River Rafting3.49km from Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

Tejaswini River Rafting is an exciting white water rafting through the gorgeous upper Tejaswini river. It will take you through the Western Ghat mountains and the lashing monsoon shower. This is one of the few white water rafting offered in the entire Kerala State.

Thirunetti Kallu
Thirunetti Kallu5.89km from Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

A mountain peak with tall rocks that resembles a forehead. A short trek of 2 kilometers takes you to amazing views of wavy Western Ghat mountains.

Thayyeni Koomban
Thayyeni Koomban8.23km from Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

Thayyeni Koomban, translated to Thayyeni peak is a mountain peak in the Western Ghats mountain ranges. It is the highest peak in its vicinity and can be seen from 10-15 KM away. The top is located 850 meters above sea level and an exhausting hike through forest and grasslands is required to reach the peak.

Kottancheri Hill Station Malom
Kottancheri Hill Station Malom9.98km from Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

Part of majestic Western ghats, carpeted by a lush rain forest canopy. A trekker's paradise with numerous trails.

Where is Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

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What Visitors Say About Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

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Nithin Mathew
Nithin Mathew
Another day, another hike. This time to one of the long route with 6.5 kilometres of walk through steep hills and trails covered by tall grasses. The view was breathtaking as usual, the hike was satisfying and the cool breeze on top of the mountain was such a pleasant experience to have. 

Anyone heading out here, bring enough snacks, water is occasionally available at some points of the hike from fresh underground sources. There are multiple ways to reach here but once you are in the general area, ask locals for directions. The earlier you ask the better, as you climb up and up you will find out that a lot of people have abandoned their homes and moved somewhere else.

Also, if your vehicle has offroading capabilities, either bike or four wheeler, you can oretry much cover 80% of the trail with thst.