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Ranipuram peak, located 750 meters above sea level in the Western Ghat mountains situates in the Kasaragod district of Kerala State in Southern India. It is one of the popular trekking destinations in the district. The hill is covered in evergreen stunted tropical montane forest, tropical forest, and grasslands.

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The drive towards the hill is quite magnificent on its own. You have to navigate through small towns and then through the steep hills and forests. The routes to the hill are perfect for a small road trip but do keep in mind that vehicles with too much load won't be able to reach the top, simply because they will not have sufficient power to tackle the steep climb.

Once you are at the starting point of the hike, vehicles will not be allowed further and you have to be on foot from there on. There are forest guards and rangers posted at the entrance where you need to pay fees to enter the hiking trail. Electric fences are bordering the forest, to prevent elephants from entering human-occupied areas and vice versa.

On the hiking trail is a forest guard hut made of stones that sits in the middle of the grasslands. It's a small structure with some of the sides damaged - possibly by elephants. There is a natural pool too nearby where elephants come to drink and play in the water. The pool will be dry in peak summer. This is one of the numerous pools in the area which are used by wild animals.

At the peak, you will find a big rock that looks like the neck of a dinosaur. You can climb up and stand on the rock but do expect strong winds - and you will even get wet from the mists. From here you will be able to view the endless chains of mountains of the western ghats, the vast green valleys, forest trails, and the small towns below, and occasionally you can spot wild animals like bison, elephant, and deers.

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History of Ranipuram Peak


Ranipuram was known as Madathumala in earlier days. The peak and the hills are part of Kerala state but the forest itself merges into those of Karnataka, the bordering state. The hill is a part of the Talacauvery (or Talakaveri) wildlife sanctuary and forms an elephant corridor between the two states. Elephant herds can be seen grazing and roaming around the peak at times. 

You can also see many varieties of birds and butterflies in the canopies of the forest. From the highest point of the peak, you have a panoramic view of the landscapes and green valleys with the Arabian Sea at the far west.

Best Time to Visit Ranipuram Peak


The best time to visit Ranipuram Peak is between October and February when the weather is cool and pleasant. This is also the ideal time for trekking as there are no chances of rain. March to May is the summer season here, the temperatures can get too high and humid. The monsoon months of June to September see heavy rainfall, making Ranipuram a bit inaccessible. However, this is also the time when the hills are lush and green and misty.

In any given month, the view is even more magnificent during sunsets but since the peak closes its operations at 5 PM, you will have to get special permission from the forest officer to stay late and enjoy this breathtaking view.

Tips for Visiting Ranipuram Peak

  1. If you are going in the summer months be sure to take plenty of water as it's going to be pretty hot. The lack of trees on the hiking trail makes the climb hard under the scorching sun. 
  2. While temperature is the problem during the summer months, during the rainy season its leeches. They pretty much cover all the areas of the peak and the hill. Do keep some salt with you to get rid of them. In the rainy months, fog can cover many portions of the hill and thereby limiting the awesome view around.
  3. There are some shops at the entry point of the peak where you can get drinks and snacks. It's really helpful to have some as you will be quite tired after the hike.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking involved and the trail is not the best in the world.

Interesting Facts and Trivias About Ranipuram Peak

  1. The peak changes its color depending on the season. From reddish-orange in the summer months to dark green in the rainy months.
  2. Ranipuram Peak is popularly called as 'Ooty of Kerala' by the locals.

How Much Time Did Visitors Spend at Ranipuram Peak


It takes around two hours to hike up to the top of the Ranipuram peak, first through the forest and then through the grasslands without shade. Visitors could enjoy the panoramic views of the Western Ghat mountains from the peak and then it takes another hour to hike down to the starting point of the hike.

How to Reach Ranipuram Peak


The nearest small town to Ranipuram peak is Panathady at a distance of 10 km. The nearest large town with a railway station is Kanhangad (43 km), connected to the rest of the country. There are buses from Kanhangad to Panathur that passes through Panathady. From Panathady, there are no other means of transportation, except for the jeeps that can be hired to reach the peak.

Entrance Fee of Ranipuram Peak

Adults are charged INR 30 and children are charged INR 15 to enter Ranipuram peak.

Opening Hours of Ranipuram Peak

Ranipuram Peak is open from 9 AM, and the entrance closes at 4 PM. Visitors have to leave by 5 PM unless there is special permission from the wildlife warden.

Attractions Near Ranipuram Peak

Panniyarmani Meadow

Panniyarmani Meadow

8.48km from Ranipuram Peak

A large, highly untouched meadow on Western ghats mountain, situating on the Kerala-Karnataka border. The meadow, situated in the middle of the forest and accessible by hiking a steep hill for about an hour comes with amazing views of the forest canopy, 360-degree view of the Western Ghat mountain ranges. The meadow is home for various kinds of honey bees and butterflies, and you will see a lot of uniqie, wildflowers.

Kottancheri Hill Station Malom

Kottancheri Hill Station Malom

9.38km from Ranipuram Peak

Part of majestic Western ghats, carpeted by a lush rain forest canopy. A trekker's paradise with numerous trails.

Thayyeni Koomban

Thayyeni Koomban

10.75km from Ranipuram Peak

Thayyeni Koomban, translated to Thayyeni peak is a mountain peak in the Western Ghats mountain ranges. It is the highest peak in its vicinity and can be seen from 10-15 KM away. The top is located 850 meters above sea level and an exhausting hike through forest and grasslands is required to reach the peak.

Tejaswini River Rafting

Tejaswini River Rafting

15.19km from Ranipuram Peak

Tejaswini River Rafting is an exciting white water rafting through the gorgeous upper Tejaswini river. It will take you through the Western Ghat mountains and the lashing monsoon shower. This is one of the few white water rafting offered in the entire Kerala State.

Talakaveri Temple

Talakaveri Temple

15.32km from Ranipuram Peak

A hill station and a temple located on the slopes of the Brahmagiri hills which was the birthplace of Sacred river Kaveri.

Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

Kottathalachi Mala (Mount Kottathalachi)

18.63km from Ranipuram Peak

Located 900 meters above sea level, Mount Kottathalachi is accessible either by a 3 km hike or by off road vehicles. The peak is filled with tall green grasses which dances with the cool breeze, and amazing 360 degree views of thousands of Western Ghat Mountain peaks. This is also a local Christian pilgrim site.

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Ajith M Nair


Ranipuram is a tourist attraction situated 780 metres above sea level and 48 km away from kanhangad city of Kasaragod District, kerala. A lovely destination for people who likes to take a break. The destination also has few small resorts nearby and the nearest 5 star hotel would be around 60KM far away.
Vaishakh Appu

Vaishakh Appu


akshay Kavungal

akshay Kavungal


Ranipuram , the highest peak in kasargod is a good trekking point . The lush green forests and the cool climate will rejuvenate your mind.
Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


The hike is through forests and then through grasslands covering a distance of about three km. Its not so easy as climb (saw some youngsters abandoning the hike midway even though my parents managed to climb up till the top), it is quite steep and most parts of the trail does not have any shades.

The road to the peak is one of the best one to drive and ride. The view is amazing, the climate is quite cool even in peak summers (during which we visited the place). The top areas are usually covered in thick green grasses but while we were there, the colour of the grass was orangish red do the the warm climate. In any case, green or orange, it was absolutely amazing to see.

The area is regularly visited by elephants so there will be many forest guards watching every move you make. Listen to their advice! Also bring water and some energy snacks, it will help for sure, and please do not throw any plastics/ waste there!
Dinu Jose Baby

Dinu Jose Baby