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Tejaswini river rafting

Navy Bridge Pulingome, Pulingome, Kerala 670511, India

Lake/ River/ Pond

An amazing adventure through the fresh waters of Tejaswini river.

Location of Tejaswini river rafting

More about Tejaswini river rafting

Those who are up for an adventurous day, this is the go to place. The exciting white water rafting through the gorgeous upper Tejaswini river will take you through the Western Ghat mountains and the lashing monsoon shower. This is one of the few white water rafting offered in entire Kerala State.

Little bit about the Tejaswini river

You will be rafting  through the Tejaswini river (also known by the name Kariamkode river) which originates from the Brahmagiri hills of Coorg forest in neighbouring state of Karnataka and flows through the Kerala districts of Kasaragod and Kannur (the river serves as a  border of the two districts to be precise) providing water to the Valiyaparamba backwaters before it meets the Arabian sea in Nileshwar. The river is 64 KM in length and 20KM of it is ideal for rafting. The thick foliage that strides into the river, the rocky banks, the large branches of trees that lean over to the river makes the rafting a mesmerising experience.

The excitement of rafting

With plenty of curves and rapids, the rafting is a one of a kind  experience. The river goes through rocky areas covering her banks as well as forest trees leaning in as borders. A wild sound of  water hitting the rocks  makes the journey an adventure. Throughout the journey, you can see tree branches hanging into the river which -in some parts- are very scary. There are chances of spotting river snakes as well -they are not harmful by the way.

The journey takes around three to four hours to complete and is physically demanding. Although you are going through a downstream slant, you will have to row really hard to keep the boat on path. If not done correctly, the boat will either hit the river side or get stuck in the mangrove trees that are  growing along  the river. The rafting guide will give you instructions on time but you really have to follow them . There are some parts of the river where you can jump into the water, make sure that you ask permission from the guide before you go for it.

Always safety first

Proper precautions need to be taken prior to rafting. Always follow the instructions of the well trained guides. Do not stand up in parts of the river where the currents are strong, or if there are rocks or leaning trees in the river. Life jackets and helmets are compulsory and will be provided. June to  August are the ideal months for rafting. It  is safe for beginners and non-swimmers so don't hesitate to participate if you fit in either of these two groups.

Getting to the rafting spot

The starting point of the rafting is located at a small town called Pulingome that is situated in Kannur District of Kerala State in Southern India. To reach here, take a bus to Pulingome from the nearby larger Payyannur Town bus stand. The traveling distance is around 35KM. You can get to Payyannur either through train or from most of the other nearby cities by bus. From Bangalore, there are straight buses to Cherupuzha which is the next town from Pulingome. From Cherupuzha frequent buses are there to Pulingome.