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Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur - Things to Know Before Visiting

Cheruvathur, Kerala, India


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About Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

Long streches of white sandy beach lined with coconut palms. Popular for sunset, swimming, beach football.

Pulimoot Beach lies in Kasaragod District of Kerala, near the town of Cheravathur. As with most other beaches in the district, this one too is extremely underrated and only known mostly among the locals.

The white sandy beach stretches many kilometers, with cocount trees lined on its shore throughout the stretches. The place can get crowded by the locals in the evening who comes to enjoy the sunset and the cool breezes. The crowd is mostly concentrated to the portion of the beach that has the estuary of Thejaswini river as stoned paths runs on both sides of the estuary.

Apart from the people who walks and plays in the beach, there are not many who swims here even though it is alright to swim in most places. As there are not many signs provided, if anyone plans to swim in the beach, check with the locals to know the safe areas. The water here is a little muddy but that wont prevent you from having a great time playing with the waves.

Attractions Near Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

Edayilekkadu8.07km from Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

A marshy island noted for its biodiversity and local conservative efforts. Home to endangered "White-bellied Sea Eagle". The monkey feast here during the Onam festival is extraordinary.

Palayi Kadavu
Palayi Kadavu8.84km from Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

Palayi Kadavu is pretty much hidden from outsiders. A couple of kilometers away from Nileshwar town is Palayi Kadavu with its amazing view of coconut plantations bordering its banks, and the slowly moving picturesque Tejaswini river. The river which is rather small upstream looks mighty here, nearing its completion of journey to the Arabian Sea.

Swami Nithyananda Ashram
Swami Nithyananda Ashram12.63km from Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

There are 44 caves here for meditations and a temple on top of these caves.

Manjampothikunnu15.32km from Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

A beautiful hill giving panoramic views and a colorful sky in the evening. One of the less explored places in the area, best visited in the evening.

Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)
Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)15.59km from Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

Haritheerthakara waterfalls is a three tiered waterfall in a beautiful, small stream. It is easily accessible through a small walk, and it is a nice spot small adventures for everyone including small children.

Kanayi kanam
Kanayi kanam15.95km from Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

A small stream with several small waterfalls flowing through thick vegetation. The stream has several small pools that are filled with fishes.

Where is Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

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The land of twelve rivers, of forts and "Theyyam"

What Visitors Say About Pulimoot Beach Cheravathur

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Nithin Mathew
Nithin Mathew
Honestly, the beaches in northern kerala are so underrated. This one right here put the more popular ones down south- like cherai and marari to shame. The only one beach which ranks higher in my head in kerala is Varkala. Nothing beats that yet.

The beach is looong, with white sands and coconut treed lined up on the shore throughout. We swam in the waters but please be extremely careful and ask the locals on safety before heading in. The place can get extremely crowded in the evening, as if people from the entire district comes to watch the sunset. 
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