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20 Attractions to Explore Near Chokramudi Peak

Chokramudi Peak
Chokramudi PeakIdukki, Kerala 685565, India


Three hours of a hard hike through tricky rock faces, breathtaking views, windy narrow paths. A viewpoint for an incredible sunrise.

Nearby Attractions

Carmelagiri Elephant Park
Carmelagiri Elephant Park7.56 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Ride on an elephant, watch them bathe, shower and eat. The mahouts will show you how the elephant communicates and obey their commmands.

Echo Point
Echo Point11.70 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Situated at the bank of lake overlooking mountains, the place got it's name from the loud echo it makes.

Meesapulimala13.54 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Hike through cloud cladded peaks and rhododendron valleys, experience the most beautiful sights of the Western Ghat Mountains.

Kolukku Malai Top
Kolukku Malai Top14.12 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

The best place to view the sunrise, the beauty of tea plantations, clouds locked in valleys.

Eravikulam National Park
Eravikulam National Park14.53 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

See endangered Nilgiri tahrs at close quarters, immerse in the amazing nature.

Kurangani-Top Station Trail
Kurangani-Top Station Trail17.90 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Kurangani hill station lies close to Bodinayakanur in Theni district of Tamil Nadu. This lesser known gem of a place amid the vastly explored Western Ghats also holds a precipitous ledge at the height point of 8782 ft.

Top Station Munnar
Top Station Munnar18.86 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Stay above the clouds, admire the beauty of the hills and the majestic sun emerging from the clouds in the morning.

Palkulam Medu
Palkulam Medu21.75 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Pristine green hills, verdant valleys and a small infinity pool on top overlooking the valleys and mountains of the Western Ghats.

Kanthaloor View Point
Kanthaloor View Point22.97 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Viewpoint overlooking a valley below. A nice rocky place to spend time absorbing a peaceful scenary, and to feel the cold winds brushing the body softly.

Kanthalloor Waterfalls
Kanthalloor Waterfalls23.73 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

20 meters high waterfall set in the wilderness overlooking view towards open valleys. You can shower underneath the falls if you are willing to fight the coldness of the waters.

PERUMBANKUTHU WATERFALLS24.06 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

One of the largest waterfalls in the state. You can even climb to top of the falls with the help of locals.

Idukki Dam
Idukki Dam24.67 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

One of the highest arch dams in Asia.This double curvature arch dam is constructed between two hills locally known as Kuravan and Kurathy.

Cheruthoni Dam
Cheruthoni Dam25.04 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Third highest concrete gravity dam in India which is 138 metre tall and is constructed as a part of Idukki hydroelectric project along with the two other dams at Idukki and Kulamavu. One of the main Picnic spot and viewpoint in Idukki

Calvari Mount View Point
Calvari Mount View Point25.10 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Soak in the views of Idukki Reservoir, the Western Ghat Mountains, and tribal villages.

Muniyara - Anakottapara Park
Muniyara - Anakottapara Park25.79 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

The Muniyara Dolmens are magnificent prehistoric dolmens, situated in Marayoor, Idukki. The tourists trek through the area of Muniyara to reach 15 different types of Dolmens, which belongs to the Neolithic Age, i.e. between 3000 BC and 14000 BC.

Meenuliyan Para
Meenuliyan Para26.13 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

A huge rock rising over 4,000 feet with an evergreen forest on top of it. The peaks are covered in mist in rainy days but otherwise, you will be able to see the Periyar river flowing below as a silver stream, and parts of the city of Cochin far away.

Keezharkuthu waterfalls
Keezharkuthu waterfalls27.89 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

The waterfall located inside forest, falling from a height of 60 meters and accessible by hiking.

Ramakkalmedu view point
Ramakkalmedu view point27.94 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

Hillstation and a Hamlet. Noted for its panoramic beauty and numerous windmills and a historical site with a monument of Kuravan and Kurathi

Anchuruli Tunnel
Anchuruli Tunnel28.61 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

A 5.5-kilometer tunnel carved through a single continuous granite to move water from Irattayar Dam to Idukki Reservoir.

Cheeyappara Waterfalls
Cheeyappara Waterfalls30.04 KMs away from Chokramudi Peak

This waterfall lies on the roadside enrouting Munnar and is a popular spot for taking a break.