PERUMBANKUTHU WATERFALLS in Idukki, Kerala, India - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Idukki Twp, Kerala 685561, India

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One of the largest waterfalls in the state. You can even climb to top of the falls with the help of locals.

Perumbanuth Waterfalls is located at Mankulam in Idukki district of Kerala state. This is a tall waterfall, around 50 meters high and surrounded by large rocks and boulders.

Exploring Perumbankuth Waterfalls

While it's an incredible sight to behold, the waterfalls is pretty unpopular due to the presence of many other large and small waterfalls around the area. The waterfall is very peaceful in the summer months but becomes very violent during the monsoon seasons. Regardless of the season, any flash rains in the upper mountains too can result in deadly flash floods. If you are venturing near to the falls, for this reason, it's always safer to be accompanied by a local.

Bamboo forests and plantations

The falls is surrounded by bamboo forests on one side and cacao, rubber and spice plantations on the other. The bamboo forests are frequented by elephants as it is one of it's favorite food.

To see the falls in its complete glory, you have to do a short hike from the top of the falls, through the rubber plantation and then to the bottom of the falls through an opening of the bamboo forest. From the bottom, it will look majestic in its full view and since it is not the most popular falls in the region you can spend a lot of time peacefully there. It is also possible to climb on the rocks to the middle of the falls and to have a shower in the trickling water that falls from 20 meters up. But do not do this without local people accompanying you.

Reaching Perumbankuth

The nearest town to the waterfalls is Mankulam. You can reach there by bus from either Munnar or from Adimaly if you are coming from the Cochin side. The nearest railway station is at Aluva from where there are buses to Adimaly and Munnar.


Cheeyappara Waterfalls13.24km from PERUMBANKUTHU WATERFALLS

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Eravikulam National Park14.05km from PERUMBANKUTHU WATERFALLS

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Meenuliyan Para16.16km from PERUMBANKUTHU WATERFALLS

A huge rock rising over 4,000 feet with an evergreen forest on top of it. The peaks are covered in mist in rainy days but otherwise, you will be able to see the Periyar river flowing below as a silver stream, and parts of the city of Cochin far away.

Thumbithullum Para19.76km from PERUMBANKUTHU WATERFALLS

An intense hike of 2.5 kilometers to immerse in the beautiful views of Western Ghat mountain ranges and valleys filled with mists.

Carmelagiri Elephant Park20.84km from PERUMBANKUTHU WATERFALLS

Ride on an elephant, watch them bathe, shower and eat. The mahouts will show you how the elephant communicates and obey their commmands.


Located 3500 feet high from the sea level on the Anamalai mountain range.  One of the best tourist places in Tamilnadu. This is a pollution free heavenly land surrounded by tea estates.


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