Kanthalloor Waterfalls in Idukki, Kerala, India - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Kanthalloor Waterfalls

Kanthalloor - Marayoor Rd, Kerala 685620, India

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About Kanthalloor Waterfalls

20 meters high waterfall set in the wilderness overlooking view towards open valleys. You can shower underneath the falls if you are willing to fight the coldness of the waters.

One of the top attractions to visit in the small destination of Kanthallor, Kanthalloor Waterfalls lies in Idukki district of Kerala state. This is not a huge waterfall but it makes up with its accessibility and the ability to shower underneath it.

The waterfalls in about 20 meters in height, with ice-cold waters pouring down on a rocky face. The pool below is not deep and you can easily jump in without any worries, provided you are alright with the temperature of the water. It can feel freezing. If you are visiting during the monsoon season, from June to October, check with the locals if it is fine to take a dip.

It is also not advisable to be here after 5pm as the area surrounding the falls is grazing land for wild buffalos, there are instances in which visitors had close encouters with buffalo herds.

There is a short downhill(uphill on your way back) hike that you have to take in order to reach the falls from the road, for about 500 meters. It is a narrow path filled with boulders and mud.

Attractions near Kanthalloor Waterfalls

Kanthaloor View Point0.78km from Kanthalloor Waterfalls

Viewpoint overlooking a valley below. A nice rocky place to spend time absorbing a peaceful scenary, and to feel the cold winds brushing the body softly.

Muniyara - Anakottapara Park3.01km from Kanthalloor Waterfalls

The Muniyara Dolmens are magnificent prehistoric dolmens, situated in Marayoor, Idukki. The tourists trek through the area of Muniyara to reach 15 different types of Dolmens, which belongs to the Neolithic Age, i.e. between 3000 BC and 14000 BC.

Thoovanam Waterfalls6.75km from Kanthalloor Waterfalls

Hike to the waterfall through the forests of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Echo Point12.09km from Kanthalloor Waterfalls

Situated at the bank of lake overlooking mountains, the place got it's name from the loud echo it makes.

Top Station Munnar12.89km from Kanthalloor Waterfalls

Stay above the clouds, admire the beauty of the hills and the majestic sun emerging from the clouds in the morning.

Meesapulimala14.15km from Kanthalloor Waterfalls

Hike through cloud cladded peaks and rhododendron valleys, experience the most beautiful sights of the Western Ghat Mountains.

Where is Kanthalloor Waterfalls

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