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14 destinations to explore in Laos

A socialist state and the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia lying at the heart of the Indochinese peninsula. Laos traces its historic and cultural identity to Lan Xang, which existed from the 14th century to the 18th century as one of the largest kingdoms in Southeast Asia.

Attapeu Province2 attractions

Attapeu is a province of Laos in the southeast of the country. It has five districts: Samakkixay, Xaysetha, Sanamxay, Sanxay, and Phouvong, covering an area of 10,320 square kilometreswith a population of 127,285. Its capital city lies at Attapeu . It was known as the "land of heroism". There are two biodiversity areas: Dong Ampham Forest and Xepaine Forest.

Bokeo Province1 attractions

Bokèo; literally 'gem mine'; previously, Hua Khong, meaning 'head of the Mekong is a northern province of Laos. It is the smallest and least populous province in the country.

Bolikhamsai is a province of Laos. Pakxan, Thaphabat, Pakkading, Borikhane, Viengthong, and Khamkeut are its districts and Pakxan is its capital city. The province is the site of the Nam Theun 2 Dam, the country's largest hydroelectric project and also there are so many beautiful places there.

Champasak Province8 attractions

Champasak is a province in southwestern Laos, near the borders with Thailand and Cambodia. Its cultural heritage includes ancient temple ruins and French colonial architecture. Champasak features 20 temples, such as Wat Phou, Wat Luang, and Wat Tham Fai, Freshwater dolphins, and waterfalls.

Khammouane Province2 attractions

Khammouane Province is mostly of forested mountainous terrain located in the center of Laos. Khammouane, meaning “happy gold”, is believed to have been named after the gold deposits found in the area hundreds of years ago.

The province contains the Nam Ha National Biodiversity Conservation Area and is one of the main sugar cane and rubber producing areas of Laos. Luang Namtha Province is also home to various ecotourism activities such as trekking, river rafting, camping, kayaking, bird watching, and mountain bike tours

Luang Prabang is exceptional for both its rich architectural and artistic heritage that reflects the fusion of Lao traditional urban architecture with that of the colonial era during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Oudomxay Province1 attractions

Oudomxay Province is in the heart of northern Laos. Oudomxay is rich in natural resources. Approximately 60 rivers flow through its territory and About 12% of Oudomxay’s forests are primary forests, while 48% are secondary forests.

Savannakhet is a province of Laos. It is home to the largest mine in Laos, with reserves of copper and gold.

Sekong Province1 attractions

Sekong, the best known for the Bolaven Plateau is situated in the heart of the southeastern part of Laos. Sekong Province is one of the most important coffee-producing areas of Laos.

Vientiane is a prefecture of Laos, in northwest Laos. It features many national parks, ancient temples, museums, and monuments.

Vientiane Province3 attractions

Vientiane Province features many caves, ancient temples, water reservoirs,zoo, waterfalls, wildlife reserve areas, and mountains. It also contains the highest peak of Laos.

Xiangkhouang is a province of Laos located in the nation's northeast part.The province has the distinction of being the most heavily bombed place on Earth.

Map of destinations in Laos