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About Oudomxay Province

Oudomxay Province is in the heart of northern Laos. Oudomxay is rich in natural resources. Approximately 60 rivers flow through its territory and About 12% of Oudomxay’s forests are primary forests, while 48% are secondary forests.

Types of Attractions in Oudomxay Province

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List of Attractions in Oudomxay Province

Chom ong cave

Chom Ong is a cave system along a four kilometre mountain ridge. The Udomxai tourism department states that 17 km of it has been explored by the Lao-European Cave Project, and it is the longest cave in northern Laos. It is one of the great attractions in Laos.

Map of attractions in Oudomxay Province


For more information about Oudomxay Province, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oudomxay_Province