1 attractions you should visit in Sekong Province - With photos & details

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Top attractions to explore in Sekong Province

Sekong, the best known for the Bolaven Plateau is situated in the heart of the southeastern part of Laos. Sekong Province is one of the most important coffee-producing areas of Laos.

Xe Kong RiverXe Kong River, Laos
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The vast Sekong River Basin is one of the most important Mekong tributaries. Originating in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the Sekong River flows through Laos and then enters Cambodia to join the mighty Mekong River. Contributing ten percent of the water flow to the Mekong River, the Sekong River joins with the Sesan and Srepok Rivers to form the 3S River Basin, a major sub-basin of the Mekong River system.

Map of attractions in Sekong Province