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Nithin Mathew


Exploring the unknown and finding it super exciting!!

Nithin Mathew's Travels


What is so cool with this museum is that 90% of the exhibits are interactable. The four floors of the museum are filled with items on a wide variety o

Madayi ParaOct 2021

In the span of an hour and half, Madayipara turned from underwhelming to an awesome destination, due to the amazing views and the cool breeze during s


This is a pretty good beach for children and family as there is a well equiped park with slides, slingshots, swings and many other amusements for chil


Three step waterfall which I was able to visit on the day I came to know it existed. The fall is on a small stream and it had the perfect amount of wa


A much better mountain peak than what I was expecting it to be. The hiking trails are pretty good even through you have to walk roughly two kilometres

Paithal MalaAug 2021

We went on a rainy day so the viewpoints and the trail were completely covered in mist, with views opening up only for few minutes in between. The h