Kappil Beach- Kasaragod in Kasaragod, Kerala, India - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

Udma, Kerala 671319, India


About Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

One of the cleanest and pristine beaches in Kerala, decorated with loads of broken sea shells on its sandy floor.

When you watch those movies showing magnificently secluded and clean beaches with perfect sand for a beach stroll, did you ever think that such a beach exists? Well, look no further: Kappil beach in Kasaragod is one of the relatively unexplored and secluded beaches in Kerala covering an area of about 25 acres. This clean and unpolluted beach offers a panoramic view of the beautiful Arabian Sea and is especially stunning during sunset with its golden sands and the coconut trees on its shore. 

Secluded and peaceful beach

Located only 6 KM from the popular destination Bekal fort, the place is a wonderful backwater beach. Unlike most of the beaches in Kerala, this one is pretty much secluded. There are not many shops, no beach activities, and the beach is not too crowded either. The only specialty it offers is its magnificent beauty. Visitors can enjoy long, peaceful walks or simply lie down at the beach listening to the sound of the waves.

The sunset here is spectacular and that is be the perfect time to visit. Long coconut palm plantations and Casuarinas stretch along the border of the beach - creating a perfect line. They dance in the winds protecting the inner lands as well as put on a show for the visitors. Some parts of the beach are private. The premises that can be explored by visitors are covered in sea shells of various sizes and colours.

River mouth and the backwaters

On the left side of the beach is the starting point of the backwaters. It's here where the mouth of the Kappil river meets the Arabian Sea which is another sight to explore. There are stories of dolphin sightings as well – however that is extremely rare.

How to get to Kappil Beach?

Kappil Beach is located at Kappil Town of Kasaragod District in Kerala State of Southern India. Kappil is situated near the state highway connecting Kasaragod Town (13 km) with Kanhangad Town (16 km) and is easily accessible by buses from both the towns. Kasaragod and Kanhangad also hosts major railway stations that connect them to rest of the parts of the country.

Attractions near Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

Bekal Fort4.49km from Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

The largest fort in Kerala built only for defence purposes.

Madhur Madhanantheshwara Temple14.11km from Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

The temple with an unique three tiered dome and copper plated roofing, shaped like an elephants back.

Manjampothikunnu15.22km from Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

A beautiful hill giving panoramic views and a colorful sky in the evening. One of the less explored places in the area, best visited in the evening.

Swami Nithyananda Ashram15.85km from Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

There are 44 caves here for meditations and a temple on top of these caves.

Ananthapura Lake Temple17.8km from Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

Temple constructed in the middle of a lake, has a guardian crocodile.

Palayi Kadavu24.93km from Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

Take a dip, admire the beauty of the Tejaswini River, the coconut plantations leaning to it's sides and the small island in the middle.

Where is Kappil Beach- Kasaragod

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