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Suraj Kizhakke Veetil


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Paithal MalaAug 2021

We went on a rainy day so the viewpoints and the trail were completely covered in mist, with views opening up only for few minutes in between. The h

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Honestly, the beaches in northern kerala are so underrated. This one right here put the more popular ones down south- like cherai and marari to shame.

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Kanayi kanamFeb 2021

This is a nice little stream with small cascades. You can walk through it, jump to the pools using thick wines and get your feet massaged by the fishe

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You might think if the crowd outside this authentic restaurant is too much ...but check out the food especially the crisp masala dosa!! All that waiti

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Beautiful view from the Kranji reservoir park during the sunset


Amazing view from the very less explored sasippara