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Nithin Mathew

Trip from 28 Dec 2021 to 06 Jan 2022

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28 Dec 2021

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

With 18 galleries, this art complex runs the nearby College of fine arts. The exhibition consist of well known paintings from Indian artists and many sculptures. Some of the galleries are dedicated...

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Bangalore Palace

Do not miss Bangalore Palace if you are in Bangalore. The colorful and well ornamated halls, the archetecture, the gardens, it will not disappoint.

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29 Dec 2021

Temple with an elephant

One of the main attractions in #hampi, Virupaksha temple is still in use for religious ceremonies. The old structure has tall gates and many idols. The main attraction is the freely roaming elepha...

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Mathanga Hill

Mathanga Hill is the go to sunset and sunrise point of Hampi. So we went there twice in the five days we were jn Hampi. The sunset was magnificent with a 360 degree view of Hampi and its ruins, a...

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30 Dec 2021

Vijaya Vittala Temple

From the entrance, you can either take golf cart style vehicles or walk over a kilometer to reach the temple ruins. One of the structures in the temple has long pillars that produce musical notes w...

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Lotus Mahal Hampi

The dome of this structure looks like an open lotus bud. It's double storied but visitors are not allowed to enter inside.

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Elephant's Stables

The huge stables were once used to house the royal elephants of the Vijayanagara Empire!

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Queen's bath place

Ruins of a bath chamber used by the kings and queens of Vijayanagara Empire. The bath consists of an outdoor pool and is surrounded by arched corridors and ornate balconies.

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Cliff jumping lake

The coolest part about Senpar lake is cliff jumping!! To reach here from the central portion of Hampi, you will have to motorbike for over an hour through a scenic route. (Although I suspect there ...

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03 Jan 2022

ISKCON Temple Bangalore

One of the largest Krishna temples in the world. What is noticeable is the planning of the temple premises. From the shoe deposit station to the sanctum, and to the various food and merchandise sel...

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04 Jan 2022

Mysore Palace

The second most visited attraction in India does not disappoint. The huge palace, one of the grandest I have ever visited mesmarised us with its grand, shining halls and corridors. The living qua...

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St. Philomena's Cathedral

A cool lookin church in Neo Gothic style. It is one of the tsllest churches in Asia and is inspired by the Cologne Cathedral architecture. In addition to the large decorated halls of the church, v...

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05 Jan 2022

Rail Museum

This main attraction of this museum is luxurious rail coach used by the queen of Mysore. The museum is pretty small but filled with old coaches and locomotives from the southern railways of India. ...

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Mysuru Sand Sculpture Museum

I was expecting this to be a huge museum in a large warehouse but turns out that it is very small and hosted inside a patchwork shed. The skill of the artist is really to be admired but the visit ...

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06 Jan 2022

Sri ChamarajendraZoological Gardens    …

We were on a tight time schedule so basically visited almost all parts of the zoo in one and half hours. To really enjoy the visit, you will alteast need two and half hours. It is one of the larg...

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Carol Brownescu

Carol Brownescu

Nice trip

Nele Lenze

Nele Lenze

Is there a bus or train connection between Ooty and Hampi?