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Nele Lenze


I like the arts, nature and Nithin. Now that I can't travel anymore, I am back in Berlin.

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While the regular exhibition of the museum about the history of Jewish religion and culture is well worth visiting we decided to see the special exhib


They call it the Kumarakom of Brandenburg ;) We left Berlin early in the morning to get to Schwerin See near Teupitz See these are two interconnected

ZilbermanJun 2021

I took the bicycle to get from Mitte to Charlottenburg to visit the Gallery Zilberman. This is a Turkish gallery and the Berlin branch is in addition


Berlin's Neue Nationalgalerie is designed by famous Bauhaus architect Mies Van der Rohe and first opened in 1968. Today is the opening weekend of Neue


I visit Martin Gropius Bau whenever they have a new exhibtion because it is always great. The curators just have a really good nose for contemporary a


Galerie König is inside a church. It is not a church for religious purposes anymore but one of the many churches in Germany that were for sale. Initia