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Located in the north eastern part of Karnataka which has the highest deposits of Iron ore. Home of popular #hampi

Virupaksha Temple


This temple of shiva is designated as UNESCO world heritage site located in the heart of Hampi. It has a large gopura which is covered by architectural beauty and the surroundings of the temple is also quite impressing. The archiitectural beauty of Hampi statrts from here. #hampi

Vijaya Vittala Temple


From the entrance, you can either take golf cart style vehicles or walk over a kilometer to reach the temple ruins. One of the structures in the temple has long pillars that produce musical notes when they are taped. The image of the stone chariot here is printed on the 50INR bank notes of the In...

Cliff jumping lake


The coolest part about Senpar lake is cliff jumping!! To reach here from the central portion of Hampi, you will have to motorbike for over an hour through a scenic route. (Although I suspect there is a ferry service that takes motorbikes from one side of the river to another near the Virupaksha t...

Temple with an elephant


One of the main attractions in #hampi, Virupaksha temple is still in use for religious ceremonies. The old structure has tall gates and many idols. The main attraction is the freely roaming elephant inside the temple which gives you blessings (I think for a fee of ten rupees or something). The t...