Planetenweg Uetliberg

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Jul 2018

This hiking trail is called planet walk and it is through the mountains surrounding Zurich City. The entire route is stunning, with multiple viewpoints, forests, beutiful fields. The idea of the walk is to follow the constellation of the planets on a much smaller scale, the ratio between the downsized planet is supposed to be about right- you walk from one planet to the another while enjoying the scenary. You can see miniature versions of the planets placed in between the hiking trail. The view, just like what is imagined of Switzerland is breathtaking. The mountains, the greenery, and neatly kept fields, the small towns scattered around and the trains that runs in between at a distance feels straight from fairytales. Our friend broght his dog too and he was in amazing spirits and very friendly(to everyone who were exploring the trail). We reached here by taking a train from central station to "Adliswil" station and then from there, a cable car to the hiking trail on top of the mountain. It took us around two or three hours to reach the other end of the trail near to the TV towers and then took a train from "Ringlikon" station to Zurich central station. There are multiple entry and exit points throughout the trail and a lot of other hiking trails around the area. You can probably spend a day or two hiking through here.

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