Zurich & Constance-Eurotrip

Beautiful Zurich, time at Florian's place near Lake Constance


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Nithin Mathew

Trip from 14 Jul 2018 to 16 Jul 2018

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14 Jul 2018

Lake Zurich

There is no way you will miss the lake when you visit Zurich. The city situates around the lake and it is one of the primary hanging spot of locals(at least when we visited in the summer). There we...

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Fraumünster Church

This church in zurich is build on top on the remains of former abbey for aristocratic women. This is one of the main churches of the city. The church houses five beautiful, large stained glass wind...

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The area around this park has lots of old buildings and cobblestone streets. When we were around there were so many people, both local and visitors relaxing in the park. One of the best views of Zu...

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ETH Zürich Hauptgebäude

The university where Albert Einstein studied and later taught his students. I even rubbed my head on its wall hoping to get a bit of the brilliance this unversity produced ;). Apart from the uni...

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Kunsthaus Zürich

Kunsthaus Zürich is large museum with lots of extremely interesting collections. The collection spans from middle ages to contemporary art, with an emphasis to swiss art. The collection includ...

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15 Jul 2018

Uetliberg Lookout Tower

This tall lookout tower gives a panoramic view of zurich city and the outskirts. Its an amazing view and you have to pay two swiss franks or so to get on top of the tower, in the viewing deck. W...

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Planetenweg Uetliberg

This hiking trail is called planet walk and it is through the mountains surrounding Zurich City. The entire route is stunning, with multiple viewpoints, forests, beutiful fields. The idea of the wa...

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16 Jul 2018

Lake Constance

Stayed on the shores of lake Constance for two days enjoying its view and having some great company. The lake is shared by Germany and Switzerland, and we were on the German side. The colors of ...

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