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The Karl Theodor Bridge, commonly known as the Old Bridge, is an arch bridge in Heidelberg that crosses the Neckar river. It connects the Old City with the eastern part of the Neuenheim district of the city on the opposite bank. The current bridge, made of Neckar sandstone and the ninth built on the site, was constructed in 1788 by Elector Charles Theodore, and is one of the best-known tourist destinations in Heidelberg. There is a statue of a monkey on theĀ  bridge holding a mirror. The statue holds a mirror in one hand and forms the sign of the horns with the other. People could place their heads within the monkey's head. Local legend is that rubbing the mirror brings good luck, rubbing the fingers ensures a return to Heidelberg. The bridge attracts a lot of people, especially due to the un interrupted distant view of the Heidelberg Castle in the mountains and of its pictursque setting connecting the old city of Heidelberg. You can walk around the bridge, the city, and have nice drinks or food in one of the nearby restuarants.

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