Exploring The Dubai Fountain - Photos & Information from Nithin Mathew

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The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain


The show runs every half hour or so but from 6 to 11PM is the best time time view it.

Unlike most other fountains I have seen, this one really dances to the beat of the song, its a treat for the eyes. The music, the light, the way water shoots up and bends and twists, so beautiful to watch. I was here at noon and evening and had completely different experiences. While the show in the afternoon was top notch, the evening shows added twice the pleasure do to the amount of lightworks too involved. You dont need to pay any fee, just have to stand in the sides (it can be very very crowded) and just enjoy the view.

And in addition to the fountain show, the Burj Khalifa too puts up its own massive lighworks. The entire size of the tower is filled with LED's and these too dances with the music played. The lighshow too happens in every half hour., so at 6PM fountain show, 6.15 lightshow, 6.30 fountain show again and so on.

It was incredible to watch both the shows and then again like many other stuffs I saw at Dubai, this too was an incredible experience.

Nithin Mathew

Visited on May 2018