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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Feb 2018

Petra is something else all together. So unique, and one of the best places I have ever been to. The ancient city was built by the Nabataeans thousands of years ago for trade. Nabataeans were nomads, Petra was the city were they used to trade with each other from different parts of the nearby world. The place is filled with tombs, palaces, temples, and the placement of them carved on tall, huge mountains is a sight to behold. The tunnel like passage called 'siq' through which you will enter the city itself is so magnificent. There are many interesting spots inside this large ancient city- treasury, temple of sacrifice, monastery, palace, royal catacombs etc and each of them will need separate hikes to get to them. Each of the spots can be accessed either by hiking or by renting donkeys/ horses/ camels. The hike is qmaamaz, which we did but they are not easy hikes. Also, the place is filled with people trying to sell you artefacts, trying to rent out animals as taxis- it can get super annoying. Be prepared for that. All in all, this place is a must visit. The shear history and the magnificence and the brilliance of the place will dazzle anyone and everyone. You can plan to spend 1-3 days here. Atleast two are required to checkout all that has to offer by Petra.

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