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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Jul 2018

Crossed off a big item from the bucket list by visiting Preikestolen. The hike towards the rock is a bit long but the views are indescribable. The lakes, fjords, scenic roads, everything mesmerising. What was surprising is that there are no safety Guards at the edge of the rock and you can go to the tip if you feel extra courageous. I tried it to an extend, it was scary. Being so remote, if something happens it’s also extremely difficult for the rescue team to reach. There was an injured person while we were there and an helicopter was circling the place to make sure the person was alright until the medics arrived. One thing to keep in mind that if the weather is not so great, Preikestolen will be closed. So if you are planning to visit, do checkout the weather frequently. Nele anticipated this and we went a day earlier than the one we actually booked seeing the forecast and just like her prediction, Preikestolen was closed the next day due to bad weather. You can reach here by taking a ferry from Stavenger to Tau and a bus from Tau to the starting point of the hike. While the hike itself is not that hard, the climate can be very cold and windy. Also the route is quite long so anticipate around 3-5 hours for the hike and then another three hours for transportation if you are coming from Stavenger.

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