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Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock) - Things to Know Before Visiting

Strand, 4110 Songesand, Norway

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About Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

Mountainous hike to the famous 604-meter cliff with a flat top, offering incredible views.

Attractions Near Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

Lysefjord7.64km from Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

Lysefjord or Lysefjorden is a fjord located in the Ryfylke area in Rogaland county in southwestern Norway. The 42-kilometer long fjord lies in the municipalities of Strand and Sandnes. It is particularly well known for the huge Preikestolen cliff overlooking the fjord, which is a major tourist destination for the region. The fjord was carved by the action of glaciers in the ice ages and was flooded by the sea when the later glaciers retreated.

Høgsfjorden12.25km from Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

Høgsfjorden is a fjord in Rogaland county, Norway. It lies in the municipalities of Stavanger, Sandnes, Strand, and Gjesdal. The innermost part of the fjord is located at the village of Frafjord in the municipality of Gjesdal. It flows west to Dirdal and then heads northwards. At the village of Forsand, the Lysefjord branches off to the northeast. The Høgsfjorden continues to the northwest past the islands of Idsal and Idse before emptying into the Horgefjorden and ultimately into the vast Bokna

Frafjorden15.92km from Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

The 6km fjord is the innermost branch of the Høgsfjorden. The Frafjorden has steep sides with no habitation along its shores, except for the village of Frafjord at the innermost part of the fjord. The village and the surrounding Frafjorddalen farming valley stretches about east of the fjord and the whole area has about 100 residents. There are also many holiday cottages on top of the high mountain located south of the village of Frafjord.

Månafossen18.18km from Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

Månafossen is a waterfall in the Gjesdal municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The 92-meter tall waterfall is located along the river Månaåna, about 6 kilometres east of the end of the Frafjorden where the village of Frafjord is located. The waterfall is in a fairly isolated area. There is a parking area nearby with a steep, rough 250-metre hiking trail up a mountainside to see the waterfall. The hike takes about 30 minutes.

Kjerag22.92km from Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

Kjerag or Kiragg is a mountain in Sandnes municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The 1,110-metre tall mountain sits on the southern shore of Lysefjorden, just southwest of the village of Lysebotn. Its northern side is a massive cliff, plunging 984 metres almost straight down to fjord, a sight which attracts many visitors each year. Another tourist attraction, the Kjeragbolten, a 5-cubic-meter stone wedged between two rocks is located on the mountain.

Kjeragfossen waterfall
Kjeragfossen waterfall23.44km from Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

Kjeragfossen is a waterfall in the municipality of Sandnes in Rogaland county, Norway. The 715-meter long waterfall cascades down from the Kjerag plateau on the south shore of the Lysefjorden. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway and one of the highest in the world. It is a plunge-style waterfall that is usually only active about 5 months of the year. The waterfall is located in a very scenic area that has many tourists each year. The famous Kjeragbolten boulder is located nearby.

Where is Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

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Mainly a coastal region with fjords, beaches, and islands. It is the center of the Norwegian petroleum industry.

What Visitors Say About Preikestolen(Pulpit Rock)

Crossed off a big item from the bucket list by visiting Preikestolen. 

The hike towards the rock is a bit long but the views are indescribable. The lakes, fjords, scenic roads, everything mesmerising. What was surprising is that there are no safety Guards at the edge of the rock and you can go to the tip if you feel extra courageous. I tried it to an extend, it was scary. Being so remote, if something happens it’s also extremely difficult for the rescue team to reach. There was an injured person while we were there and an helicopter was circling the place to make sure the person was alright until the medics arrived. 

One thing to keep in mind that if the weather is not so great, Preikestolen will be closed. So if you are planning to visit, do checkout the weather frequently. Nele anticipated this and we went a day earlier than the one we actually booked seeing the forecast and just like her prediction, Preikestolen was closed the next day due to bad weather. 

You can reach here by taking a ferry from Stavenger to Tau and a bus from Tau to the starting point of the hike. While the hike itself is not that hard, the climate can be very cold and windy. Also the route is quite long so anticipate around 3-5 hours for the hike and then another three hours for transportation if you are coming from Stavenger.