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32 destinations to explore in Tamil Nadu

Home to historic buildings, multi pilgrimage sites, hill stations, cultural arts, and three world heritage sites.

Ariyalur3 attractions

Ariyalur houses the prehistoric fossil museum and historic monuments in the Chola era.

Chennai14 attractions

Chennai is the capital and largest city of Tamil Nadu. It is well known for unique culture, Jellikettu, Pongal, and Temples.

Coimbatore10 attractions

The textile capital of South India

Cuddalore5 attractions

Cuddalore district is famous for Its temples. It is believed that there was a seaport in ancient times.

Dharmapuri2 attractions

Dharmapuri District is one of the major producers of mango in the state.

Dindigul13 attractions

Dindigul derives its name from the words 'Thindu' which means pillow and 'kal' which means rock. It refers to the bare hills which overlook the city.

Erode4 attractions

To be called by various names such as Textile City, Turmeric City or Loom City of India.

Kanchipuram8 attractions

It is called as the temple city of Tamil Nadu.

Kanyakumari10 attractions

Only the southernmost district in Tamil Nadu state facing the Arabian sea. Home for a lot of historic events, beaches, and amazing hill stations.

Karur2 attractions

Karur district is famous for its home textiles.

Krishnagiri3 attractions

Krishna refers to 'black' and Giri refers to 'hill'. The area contains many granite hillocks.Hence the name Krishnagiri

Madurai6 attractions

Madhura is also called as 'the city that never sleeps'.

Nagapattinam8 attractions

It is a costal line district rich in religious heritage and communal harmony.

Namakkal6 attractions

The egg city of Tamil Nadu, because of its large poultry industry.

Nilgiris14 attractions

The Name ‘Nilgiris’ means Blue hills (Neelam – Blue and Giri – Hill or Mountain). The view of the violet blossoms of ‘kurinji’ flower enveloping the hill ranges periodically. Hence the name Nilgiri arose.

Perambalur3 attractions

Permabalur district is located in the center part of Tamil Nadu, also a major producer of small onion and maize in the state.

Pudukkottai3 attractions

Home of pre-historic man, much cultural heritage with fortresses, temple, palaces and many historical monuments.

Ramanathapuram4 attractions

Famous scientist APJ Abdul Kalams birthplace.

Salem10 attractions

Salem is a Geologist’s paradise, surrounded by hills and the landscape dotted with hillocks.

Sivaganga2 attractions

An agricultural district of Tamil Nadu where rice is the main crop.

Map of destinations in Tamil Nadu