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Top 89 attractions you must visit in Friesland

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About Friesland

Friesland is a province of the Netherlands located in the country's northern part. Friesland is a unique region of the country as its locals speak their own language known as Frisian. The province is primarily an agricultural region and is the birthplace of the Frisian Cattle and black Frisian horse. Aside from agriculture, tourism plays a major role in the province’s economy.

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Attractions in Friesland

't Mirnser Klif
't Mirnser Klif't Mirnser Klif, Murnserdyk 46A, 8573 WP Mirns, Netherlands
Outdoors- Other

The Mirnser Klif is a boulder clay ridge in the Frisian region of Gaasterland south of the place Mirns. The reef was created during the Saalian by advancing land ice and formed a natural sea ​​defense against the water of the Zuiderzee and now still against the water of the IJsselmeer . The average height is 2.50 meters above sea level.

AekingerzandTilgrupsweg 3, 8426 SN Appelscha, Netherlands
Outdoors- Other

The Aekingerzand is a vast area of sand drifts that is part of the Drents-Friese Wold National Park . The Aekingerzand is located near Appelscha in the border area of ​​the provinces of Drenthe and Friesland. Areas with drifting sand are relatively rare in the Netherlands. The Aekingerzand is one of those areas. On the edge of the area is a watchtower, which was built in 1995 by students of the Special Youth Work.

Ameland Nature Center
Ameland Nature CenterAmeland, Netherlands
Outdoors- Other

Ameland Nature Center is a nature museum in Nes on the Wadden Island of Ameland in the Dutch province of Friesland. The museum was founded in 1972 and has been located in Nes since 1989. The nature museum has had a zoo permit since 10 November 2004 . In 2009 the museum was housed in a new building with a watchtower.

Aquazoo Friesland
Aquazoo FrieslandDe Groene Ster 2, 8926 XE Leeuwarden, Netherlands

AquaZoo Leeuwarden is a zoo located east of Leeuwarden in the recreation area De Groene Ster in the province of Friesland . It is part of Libéma. Here you can mainly see animals that live in, on or near the water, such as Nile crocodiles, polar bears, ring-tailed lemurs and flamingos. Or have fun in the playgrounds and on the discovery trails.

Belvédère (toren)
Belvédère (toren)Bieruma Oostingweg, 8453 Oranjewoud, Netherlands
Viewing Decks
Iconic Buildings

The Belvedere of Oranjewoud is a belvedere in the Oranjewoud Park area east of Heerenveen. The octagonal watchtower has nine staircases of twelve steps and a height of eighteen meters. Adding the height of the knoll, the eye level of a person on the tower is almost thirty meters above ground level . This tower also fell into disrepair, but instead of demolition, the belvedere was restored after seventy years.

Boschplaat, Terschelling
Boschplaat, Terschelling8897 Oosterend, Terschelling, Netherlands
Outdoors- Other

De Boschplaat is a nature reserve on the east side of the Dutch Wadden island of Terschelling . It measures approximately 10 by 5 kilometers and has been managed by Staatsbosbeheer since 1910 . The area has been awarded the European Diploma in Nature Management since 1970. The adjacent beach at the Boschplaat is really beautiful. We personally think this is the most beautiful piece of sandy beach on Terschelling. The beach is very wide and during our walk we hardly encountered any other people.

Bunker Museum Terschelling
Bunker Museum TerschellingTigerpad 5, 8881 GB West-Terschelling, Netherlands

Bunker Museum Terschelling is a museum about the Second World War on the Dutch island of Terschelling . The museum is part of the Terschelling Bunker Preservation Foundation. The complex of seven acres consists out of approximately a hundred bunkers, of which four of them function as a museum at this moment. In these bunkers it is shown how they were used during the Second World War. Of the eighty-five bunkers still present, four have been designated as museum bunkers.

Bunkermuseum Ameland
Bunkermuseum AmelandOranjeweg 65, 9161 CB Hollum, Netherlands

Bunkermuseum Schlei is a museum on the island of Schiermonnikoog in the Dutch province of Friesland . The museum on the north side of the village has information and objects about the war history. This foundation aims to collect, preserve and exhibit goods and knowledge about the Second World War. The bunker museum was opened on June 11, 2009. There are guided tours and lectures for those interested. The Seeburg bunker was a communications center.

Bunkermuseum Schlei
Bunkermuseum SchleiPrins Bernhardweg 4, 9166 SH Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands

Bunkermuseum Schlei is a museum on the island of Schiermonnikoog in the Dutch province of Friesland . The museum on the north side of the village has information and objects about the war history. The bunker museum was opened on June 11, 2009. There are guided tours and lectures for those interested. The Seeburg bunker was a communications center.

Burgumer Mar
Burgumer MarBurgumer Mar, Netherlands
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Burgumer Mar is a lake near the town of Burgum in the Dutch province of Friesland. It is a popular water sports area with multiple yacht harbours. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and also there are so many things to do and see.

Ceramics Museum Princessehof
Ceramics Museum PrincessehofGrote Kerkstraat 9, 8911 DZ Leeuwarden, Netherlands

The Princessehof Ceramics Museum, located in the Leeuwarden, showcases a beautiful collection of ceramic, tiles, pottery and ceramic sculpture housed in a luxurious 18th century palace. The museum has a café and often hosts visiting art exhibitions. The museum also permanently exhibits the former studio of the Dutch ceramist Jan van der Vaart.

Cultuurhistorisch Museum Sorgdrager
Cultuurhistorisch Museum SorgdragerHerenweg 1, 9161 AM Hollum, Netherlands

In this majestic Cultural History Museum Sorgdrager, the culture, history and customs of Ameland come together in a very special way. Visit the museum and discover the history of whaling, browse the open depot, and enjoy Ameland's special furniture art. There is something special to discover in every room of the museum.

Dark Sky Park De Boschplaat
Dark Sky Park De BoschplaatOosterend 2, 8897 HZ Oosterend Terschelling, Netherlands
Outdoors- Other

Dark Sky Boschplaat is an international Dark Sky Park on the De Boschplaat nature reserve , which is located on the eastern part of the Wadden island of Terschelling in the north of the Netherlands. Dark Sky areas are usually located in nature reserves where the air is still clean, there is silence and special animal and plant species live that benefit from an environment that is as natural as possible.

De Alde Feanen National Park
De Alde Feanen National ParkKoaidyk 8a, 9264 TP Earnewald, Netherlands
National Parks

De Alde Feanen National Park is a national park in the Netherlands province of Friesland. The Alde Feanen contains morasses, lakes, forests, peat and meadows. In the area at least 450 plant species and 100 bird species can be found. A very prominent bird is the white stork. Tall wooden poles have been installed so that the storks can build nests. Another attraction is provided by Shetland ponies. Some of the paddocks can be entered so that ponies can be petted by visitors.

De Deelen
De DeelenHooivaartsweg 4, 8458 Luinjeberd, Netherlands
Outdoors- Other

De Deelen is a vast complex of peat bogs in the lower middle of the Dutch province of Friesland , in the municipalities of Heerenveen and De Friese Meren. The Deelen consists of reed beds , draft holes with a relatively large amount of open water, thickets and grasslands. The lower middle of Friesland largely consisted of low peat swamps, which stretched south to the swamps of Northwest Overijssel.

De Hege Gerzen
De Hege GerzenLiemerige Wei 4, 8567 HM Oudemirdum, Netherlands
Outdoors- Other

De Hege Gerzen is a site for day recreation on the Liemerige Wei near Aldemardum . At the beach on the IJsselmeer is a pavilion. There is also a mini golf course and a field for volleyball and badminton .

De Kruidhof hortus van Fryslân
De Kruidhof hortus van FryslânSchoolstraat 29b, 9285 NE Buitenpost, Netherlands
Botanical Gardens

Jardín botánico De Kruidhof is a botanical garden and museum in the Buitenpost in the Dutch province of Friesland , Netherlands. it is one of the iconic attraction in this area and attracts a lot of tourists here. Therer are iconic flowers and also so many herbs and shrubs too.

De Leijen
De LeijenDe Leijen, 9218 Opeinde, Netherlands
Lake/ River/ Ponds

De Leijen is a lake in the province of Friesland, located between Oostermeer and Opeinde. It was created by peat excavation and is therefore shallow in many places. The lake is largely owned by Staatsbosbeheer . Previously, the Leijen was known as a nature reserve in which, among other things, there were many special bird colonies. On the east side of the lake is a beach with catering facilities and camping.

De Spitkeet
De SpitkeetDe Dunen 3, 9281 KT Harkema, Netherlands

De Spitkeet is an open air museum and theme park in Harkema in the Dutch province of Friesland . It shows how people used to live in the region around Harkema, the Friese Wouden .

De Vleijen
De VleijenBramerduinenpad 1, 9163 KG Nes, Netherlands
Outdoors- Other

The Vleyen is a recreation and nature area on the northeast side of Nes on the Wadden Island Ameland . The area is managed by State Forest Management. In the area there are playgrounds, a cable car and fishing, canoeing and rowing ponds. There is a castle on the playground.

Map of attractions in Friesland