Attractions to explore nearby St. Chrischona - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby St. Chrischona

St. ChrischonaSt. Chrischona, 4126 Bettingen, Switzerland

St. Chrischona is a hamlet in the Swiss canton of Basel-Stadt. It is part of the municipality of Bettingen. The center of the village is located on the highest point of the canton, at 522 meters above sea level. St. Christina is the home of the St. Chrischona Pilgrim Mission, an evangelical training school for home and foreign missions, led by Karl Heinrich Rappard and his wife Dora Rappard.

Sarasin-Park2.68 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The spacious park is designed in the style of an English landscape park from the mid-19th century and covers an area of ​​around 2.6 hectares. It is located north of the old village center, directly opposite the Fondation Beyeler. Originally the area was used for agriculture and had some farmhouses and vineyards. Her successors are the farm and coach houses of the country estates, some of which have been preserved .

Birsköpfli4.97 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The Birsköpfli is a leisure and bathing area in the Swiss city of Basel and its neighboring municipality Birsfelden. It is located at the confluence of the Birs river with the Rhine river.   the Birsköpfli only means the area bounded by the Birs and the Rhine in the borough Breite; other boundaries are the Blackwood Bridge and the main road to Birsfelden. Along the Birs riverbanks there is a park with green meadows and a restaurant, the rest of the area is inhabited by allotments.

Museum Pantheon Basel - Forum for vintage cars5.28 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The Pantheon Basel in Muttenz is a forum for classic car owners and those interested in a museum on the subjects of cars and mobility on the road. The owner of the Pantheon is Pantheon Basel AG, a 100% subsidiary of Musfeld AG. It was one of the key attractions and also is an awesome place for car lovers.

Kaiseraugst5.32 KMs away from St. Chrischona

Agusta Rourica is a Roman archaeological site and is an open-air museum in Switzerland, which is located on the south bank of the River Rhine, about 20 km east of Basel near the villages of Inst and Casuurg. This is the site of the oldest known Roman colony on the Rhine. Augusta Raurica, or Colonia Agusta Rourer, was founded around Louisiana Munatius Planckas, around 44 BC, around the relatives of a local Gaelic tribe, Raurasi, Helva.

Museum Tinguely5.36 KMs away from St. Chrischona

Situated directly on the Rhine, the Museum Tinguely, built after plans by the Ticinese architect Mario Botta, houses the greatest collection of works by Jean Tinguely, one of the most innovative and important Swiss artists of the 20th century. The permanent exhibition presents a survey of his oeuvre spanning four decades. Special exhibitions show a wide range of artists and subjects including Marcel Duchamp and Kurt Schwitters who influenced Tinguely significantly and so more.

Augusta Raurica5.42 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The best-preserved ancient theatre north of the Alps. Augusta Raurica is the perfect excursion destination – for the whole family, for your school or for groups who wish to take a guided tour. This Roman archaeological site and an open-air museum in Switzerland located on the south bank of the Rhine river

Kunsthaus Baselland5.65 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The Kunsthaus Baselland is an institution for contemporary art supported by the Kunstverein Baselland in the Baselland community of Muttenz on the canton border with Basel-Stadt. The exhibition house is located in a former commercial building acquired by the Kunstverein in 1997 next to the St. Jakob football stadium.

Basler Messeturm5.97 KMs away from St. Chrischona

Basler Messeturm is a 32 story skyscraper in Basel designed by renowned architects Morger & Degelo & Marques and is an unmistakable landmark of the city with its green-tinted glass and metal structure. It was constructed in the year 2003 and is one of the renowned attractions in Basel.

Messeplatz6.01 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The exhibition center is located in the center of Kleinbasel in the Rosental district of the city of Basel. It forms the economic center of Kleinbasel, as the halls of the Basel sample fair are located on it and the Messeturm Basel with the Hotel Ramada Plaza on the narrow eastern side. The tower and hotel stand on the site of the Hotel Admiral, which was demolished in 2001. Until it was officially named in 1974, the Messeplatz was part of the Clarastrasse leading to the Mittlere Brücke.

Basler Stadtmauer6.11 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The Gate of Spalen is a former city gate in the ancient city walls of Basel, Switzerland. One of the three remaining gateways, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful gates of Switzerland. The gate is a landmark of Basel and a heritage site of national significance.

Basel Paper Mill6.17 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing of Basel preserves and actively shares with visitors the ancient techniques that have allowed the collection and diffusion of ideas and knowledge throughout the centuries. The museum is located in a carefully restored building that began its life as a paper mill 500 years ago. It is a heritage site of national significance.

St. Alban Tor6.22 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The St. Alban­Tor, dating back to ca. 1400, was part of the fortifications of the old walled city and is the gateway to a picturesque district of the city. The old gateway to the city still has its large wooden door and the heavy paling that was let down in times of danger to bar the entrance to the city. It was one of the ancient attractions in the city and also very famous among tourists.

Reformierte Kirche St. Arbogast Muttenz6.23 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The Fortified Church of St. Arbogast was founded in the 8th century, and since the 15th century, is completely enclosed by a circular wall. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the border region of Basel is indeed plagued with wars opposing the Habsburgs and the brand-new Swiss confederacy. The church of Muttenz has to potentially serve as a new refuge for the population in the event of future conflicts.

Museum of Contemporary Art6.29 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The Gegenwart, also known as Museum für Gegenwartskunst, is a separate branch of the Kunstmuseum Basel, exclusively dedicated to contemporary art. the gallery is housed in a former factory building, not far from the main home of the Kunstmuseum. It has collections of contemporary art of both the Kunstmuseum Basel and the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation. In addition to classic media such as painting and sculpture, it also collects video art.

Wartenberg6.34 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The Wartenberg is a striking landmark of the Basel-Landschaft community of Muttenz. On the mountain, there are ruins of three medieval castles, which are also named Wartenberg. All three castles were “cleared out” and “restored” during the “castle-romantic phase” in the 1930s to 1950s, with some archaeological findings being lost and historical building material being falsified. The "castle romanticism" led to a broad interest of the population in the Middle Ages.

Merian Gärten6.56 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The Merian Gardens are a beautiful botanical garden, a historic park and a carefully designed place for relaxation on the outskirts of the city of Basel. They draw visitors all year round with their stunning array of blooms, unique variety of plants and impressive botanical collections. there is a surprising variety of things to discover in the 18-hectare park, and it is also a place to spend some leisure time eith your family,

Mill museum Brüglingen6.57 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The mill from the 16th century lies in the heart of the Merian Gardens. Even though flour is no longer produced here, the water-powered wheel is still in use. The impressive gearing mechanism can be seen inside the mill, and it is easy to imagine how wheat, rye, or millet was ground here in past centuries. A small exhibition with historical pieces tells the story of milling from the bronze-age to modern-day industrial production.

Caricature & Cartoon Museum Basel6.66 KMs away from St. Chrischona

The cartoon museum in Basel is the only museum in Switzerland dedicated to cartoons and caricatures. It has a  collection of almost 3,400 original works and its curated, thematic and/or monographic exhibitions of original art, it has gained the position of a competence centre for the art of the satirical drawing.

Park im Grünen6.74 KMs away from St. Chrischona

Park in the countryside is the collective name for four recreation parks in Switzerland , which are generated by a foundation operated. They are funded by the Culture percent of Migros , a cooperative retail chain . The task of the foundations is to preserve the recreational areas entrusted to them and to make them accessible to the general public for leisure activities. They are also responsible for ensuring that the parks can be used as cultural and meeting centers. The idea for this goes back

Hammering Man6.77 KMs away from St. Chrischona

Hammering Man is a series of monumental kinetic sculptures by Jonathan Borofsky. The two-dimensional painted steel sculptures were designed at different scales, were painted black, and depict a man with a motorized arm and hammer movement to symbolize workers throughout the world.