Basel Paper Mill in Basel City, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Basel Paper Mill

St. Alban-Tal 37, 4052 Basel, Switzerland


About Basel Paper Mill

The Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing of Basel preserves and actively shares with visitors the ancient techniques that have allowed the collection and diffusion of ideas and knowledge throughout the centuries. The museum is located in a carefully restored building that began its life as a paper mill 500 years ago. It is a heritage site of national significance.

Attractions near Basel Paper Mill

Basler Stadtmauer0.07km from Basel Paper Mill

The Gate of Spalen is a former city gate in the ancient city walls of Basel, Switzerland. One of the three remaining gateways, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful gates of Switzerland. The gate is a landmark of Basel and a heritage site of national significance.

Museum of Contemporary Art0.12km from Basel Paper Mill

The Gegenwart, also known as Museum für Gegenwartskunst, is a separate branch of the Kunstmuseum Basel, exclusively dedicated to contemporary art. the gallery is housed in a former factory building, not far from the main home of the Kunstmuseum. It has collections of contemporary art of both the Kunstmuseum Basel and the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation. In addition to classic media such as painting and sculpture, it also collects video art.

St. Alban Tor0.16km from Basel Paper Mill

The St. Alban­Tor, dating back to ca. 1400, was part of the fortifications of the old walled city and is the gateway to a picturesque district of the city. The old gateway to the city still has its large wooden door and the heavy paling that was let down in times of danger to bar the entrance to the city. It was one of the ancient attractions in the city and also very famous among tourists.

Caricature & Cartoon Museum Basel0.51km from Basel Paper Mill

The cartoon museum in Basel is the only museum in Switzerland dedicated to cartoons and caricatures. It has a  collection of almost 3,400 original works and its curated, thematic and/or monographic exhibitions of original art, it has gained the position of a competence centre for the art of the satirical drawing.

Hammering Man0.62km from Basel Paper Mill

Hammering Man is a series of monumental kinetic sculptures by Jonathan Borofsky. The two-dimensional painted steel sculptures were designed at different scales, were painted black, and depict a man with a motorized arm and hammer movement to symbolize workers throughout the world.

Fine Arts Museum Basel0.67km from Basel Paper Mill

This prestigious museum, which frequently holds major temporary exhibitions, is home to a substantial number of masterpieces. Pride of place is given to paintings and drawings from the Upper Rhine and the Netherlands dating from the 15-17C. You will, in particular, be able to admire the largest collection in the world of works by the Holbein family

Where is Basel Paper Mill

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Basel City56 attractions

The Canton of Basel-Stadt, established in 1833, is the most densely populated canton in Switzerland. The Carnival of Basel is a major cultural event in the year. The carnival is one of the biggest in Switzerland and attracts large crowds.