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4303 Kaiseraugst, Switzerland

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About Kaiseraugst

Agusta Rourica is a Roman archaeological site and is an open-air museum in Switzerland, which is located on the south bank of the River Rhine, about 20 km east of Basel near the villages of Inst and Casuurg. This is the site of the oldest known Roman colony on the Rhine. Augusta Raurica, or Colonia Agusta Rourer, was founded around Louisiana Munatius Planckas, around 44 BC, around the relatives of a local Gaelic tribe, Raurasi, Helva.

Attractions near Kaiseraugst

Augusta Raurica0.75km from Kaiseraugst

The best-preserved ancient theatre north of the Alps. Augusta Raurica is the perfect excursion destination – for the whole family, for your school or for groups who wish to take a guided tour. This Roman archaeological site and an open-air museum in Switzerland located on the south bank of the Rhine river

St. Chrischona5.32km from Kaiseraugst

St. Chrischona is a hamlet in the Swiss canton of Basel-Stadt. It is part of the municipality of Bettingen. The center of the village is located on the highest point of the canton, at 522 meters above sea level. St. Christina is the home of the St. Chrischona Pilgrim Mission, an evangelical training school for home and foreign missions, led by Karl Heinrich Rappard and his wife Dora Rappard.

Ergolz5.9km from Kaiseraugst

The Ergolz is a river in the canton of Basel Country. With a length of around 30 kilometers, it is one of the most important rivers in the Basel area and drains practically the entire east of the canton. It is one of the beautiful picnic area and also it attracts a lot of tourists here.

Museum.BL5.9km from Kaiseraugst

The Museum.BL is the canton museum of the canton of Basel-Landschaft in Switzerland. It is centrally located in the historic old town of the canton capital Liestal in the premises of the former armory and is part of Basel's other museum landscape.  The museum is mainly dedicated to the nature and culture of the region and also sees itself as an open forum for a lively and critical examination of the environment, history, and the present.

Wartenberg6.02km from Kaiseraugst

The Wartenberg is a striking landmark of the Basel-Landschaft community of Muttenz. On the mountain, there are ruins of three medieval castles, which are also named Wartenberg. All three castles were “cleared out” and “restored” during the “castle-romantic phase” in the 1930s to 1950s, with some archaeological findings being lost and historical building material being falsified. The "castle romanticism" led to a broad interest of the population in the Middle Ages.

The Fortified Church of St. Arbogast was founded in the 8th century, and since the 15th century, is completely enclosed by a circular wall. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the border region of Basel is indeed plagued with wars opposing the Habsburgs and the brand-new Swiss confederacy. The church of Muttenz has to potentially serve as a new refuge for the population in the event of future conflicts.

Where is Kaiseraugst

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The canton of Aargau is one of the most densely populated regions of Switzerland. The canton offers an amazing hiking or biking tours in the Jura mountains, refreshing bathing in Lake Hallwil, boat trips on the Aare and Reuss rivers.