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Top 57 attractions you must visit in Aargau

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About Aargau

The canton of Aargau is one of the most densely populated regions of Switzerland. The canton offers an amazing hiking or biking tours in the Jura mountains, refreshing bathing in Lake Hallwil, boat trips on the Aare and Reuss rivers.

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Attractions in Aargau

Aarburg Castle
Aarburg CastlePalisadenweg, 4663 Aarburg, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings

The fort Aarburg belongs to Swiss architectural monuments of the first floor. The imposing complex high above the Aareknie have been founded around the year 1123 as frohburgische festival. In the early modern period, the fortress was expanded in Aarburg Bernese strong artillery. After the founding of Canton Aargau in 1803 became the property of the state and has been temporarily as cantonal prison and arsenal.

Aargau Jura Park
Aargau Jura ParkLinn 51, 5225 Bözberg, Switzerland

The Aargau Jura Park located to the north of Aarau harbors a large number of natural treasures: sparse pine forests, orchid slopes, rocky steppes, dry meadows, and terraced vineyards. The south-facing forests offer the diverse flora and fauna a suitable, natural habitat. It is nestled between the rivers Aare and Rhine, are the rolling hills of the Aargau Jura.

Amphitheater of Vindonissa
Amphitheater of VindonissaHauserstrasse, 5210 Windisch, Switzerland
Old Ruins

The amphitheatre of Vindonissa is the oldest in Switzerland. It was erected by the 13th legion, initially being made of wood. After a fire, the 21st legion replaced it with the stone structure that survives today. The seating area had a capacity of some 11,000 spectators while the oval arena in the centre measured 64x52 metres - the largest of the seven known amphitheatres on Swiss territory.

Auenstein Castle
Auenstein CastleSchloss Auenstein, 5105 Auenstein, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

Castle Auenstein is located on a small cliff on the banks of the Aare. The Castle was destroyed in 1389. The ruins were owned by the canton until 1803, but were later bought privately. The castle was rebuilt to be habitable in 1858, and made into its current shape by 1929. The parish church, first mentioned in 1302, is built in the Gothic and Late Gothic styles, but has decorative elements of the Romanesque style of the 11th century. Nearby cities:

Aussichtsturm Altberg
Aussichtsturm Altberg8114 Dänikon, Switzerland
Viewing Decks
Man-made Structures- Other

The Altberg observation tower is a 30 meter high observation tower on the Altberg in the municipality of Dänikon in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. It is one of the youngest observation towers in the Canton of Zurich. A display next to the tower lists all donors from 100 francs. There is also a small plaque above every step of the stairs to mention all donations of CHF 500.

Benkerjoch Pass
Benkerjoch PassBenkerjoch Pass, 5024 Küttigen, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

This rather unknown pass in the canton of Aargau connects Aarau and Frick. Located directly below the Wasserflue mountain (866 m), the Benkerjoch is not only preferable to the Staffelegg because of the low traffic. A postal bus route runs over the pass to Aarau. It was built in the year of 1977.

BeznauBeznau, 5312 Döttingen, Switzerland
Man-made Structures- Other

The Beznau nuclear power plant (NPP) in Döttingen, Aargau, Switzerland, is Europe’s oldest operating NPP. It is also one of the three nuclear power facilities in the world that completed 50 years of commercial operations in 2019. Owned and operated by Swiss public utility Axpo Holdings.

Biberstein Castle
Biberstein Castle5023 Biberstein, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings

Biberstein Castle rises on a tuff stone spur above the steep bank of the Aare. The fortress and the courtyard separated by a ditch are supported by high substructures and terrace walls. The system forms an irregular square in plan. Only parts of the outer walls and the masonry of the former donjon preserved in the building can still be regarded as medieval buildings. The remaining walls were later redesigned several times. The masonry of the irregular building consists of limestone.

BruggerbergBruggerberg, 5200 Brugg, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks

The Bruggerberg is a Jura mountain in the Swiss canton of Aargau. It takes its name from the town of Brugg, which lies south of the mountain on the Aare. The Bruggerberg extends from the Umiken district of Bruges in the south-west to the Rein district of Rüfenach in the north-east. The easternmost section is called Reinerberg. The mountain is forested and has rugged rock walls on the southeast side, where caves can also be found.

Burgruine Alt-Tierstein
Burgruine Alt-TiersteinWaldrandhof 225, 5073 Gipf-Oberfrick, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

Alt Tierstein Castle was inhabited from the 11th century and served the Counts of Tierstein as their ancestral seat. After that, this noble family from northwestern Switzerland relocated their business to Büsserach at Neu Thierstein Castle. Older finds indicate that the place was inhabited for a very long time, around 1000 BC. The Alt Tierstein ruins are now an attractive excursion destination

Castle Hallwyl
Castle HallwylMuseum Aargau, 5707 Seengen, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings

Hallwyl Castle was built in the 11th century and is one of the foremost water castles in Switzerland located at the northern end of Lake Hallwil on two islands in the Aabach creek near Seengen. It was the seat of the von Hallwyl family.

EgelseeEgelsee, 8962 Bergdietikon, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Egelsee, also called Ägelsee, is located high above the Limmat Valley in the canton of Aargau. The little lake is located below the Heitersberg at an altitude of 666 meters above sea level after the Zurich canton border. The pond is fed by the slope water, while the Egelseebach flows from the boggy Egelsee. The whole Egelsee area is under nature protection.

Erdmannlistein5610 Wohlen, Switzerland
Outdoors- Other

As Erdmannlistein a group of boulders in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland called. These are erratic granite blocks from the Reuss Glacier . They are located in the area of ​​the municipality of Wohlen just on the border with Bremgarten on a moraine wall of the Wagenrain , between peat moss and the Erdmannlistein train station at an altitude of 457 m above sea level. M.

ErgolzErgolz, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Ergolz is a river in the canton of Basel Country. With a length of around 30 kilometers, it is one of the most important rivers in the Basel area and drains practically the entire east of the canton. It is one of the beautiful picnic area and also it attracts a lot of tourists here.

Esterliturm5600 Lenzburg, Switzerland
Viewing Decks
Iconic Buildings

Estherlitum is an observation tower from reinforced concrete in the south of Lenzburg in Switzerland. The Esterliturm in its current form was built in 1974 by the local community. The tower has a height of 48 m and is composed of 19 concrete pipe elements. The viewing platform offers the visitor a unique panoramic view of the canton of Aargau.

Fahr Monastery
Fahr MonasteryKloster Fahr, 8109 Unterengstringen, Switzerland
Religious- Other

Fahr Monastery, is a Benedictine monastery of nuns located in the Swiss municipality of Würenlos in the canton of Aargau. The monastery historically was located in an exclave of the canton of Aargau within the municipality of Unterengstringen in the canton of Zürich in the Limmat Valley.

Farnsburg Castle
Farnsburg Castle4466 Ormalingen, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

The ruins of Farnsburg castle are located in Ormalingen. Adorning the buildings in Hemmiken are traces of the art of stone carving long practiced in the village. Here you can explore a range of historical buildings such as the rectory and storehouse. A historic boundary stone featuring the Habsburg and Basel coats of arms is evidence that the municipality bordered Austria until 1803.

FlachseeFlachsee, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Flachsee is an artificial lake on the Reuss at Rottenschwil, south of Bremgarten in the Aargau region of Switzerland. The reservoir was formed after the construction of the dam in 1975 at Bremgarten-Zufikon. The lake's surface area is 72 ha . It is also one of the nice picnic spot and it attracts a lot of tourists to here.

FranzosenweiherFranzosenweiher, 8957 Spreitenbach, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Franzosenweiher is located in Spreitenbach in the canton of Aargau at 435 meters above sea level. The pond is fed by the Wilenbach, which also flows out of the little lake. In the middle of the French pond are some densely vegetated islands. The pond was originally created by monks from the Wettinger monastery for fish farming. The pond was given its current name because, according to legend, Napoleon's troops emptied the lake to plunder the fish that lived in it.

GeissbergGeissberg, 5234 Villigen, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks

Geissberg Trail is a 13.2 kilometer out and back trail located near Gansingen, Aargau, Switzerland that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

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