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Fortress Marienberg - Things to Know Before Visiting

Marienberg, 97012 Würzburg, Germany

Notable Architectures

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About Fortress Marienberg

A prominent landmark on the left bank of the Main river in Würzburg. The mighty Fortress is a symbol of Würzburg and served as a home of the local prince-bishops for nearly five centuries. The fortress is located on a prominent spur of the 266-metre-high (873 ft) Marienberg which rises about 100 metres over the Main river on the opposite side of the city of Würzburg. Vineyards cover the slopes around the fortress.

Attractions Near Fortress Marienberg

Würzburg Residence
Würzburg Residence1.4km from Fortress Marienberg

Commissioned by the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg- Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn and his brother Friedrich Carl von Schönborn in 1720, and completed in 1744. Interiors of the residence is considered masterworks of Baroque/Rococo architecture and art include the grand staircase, the chapel, and the Imperial Hall. Since 1981, the Residence has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bamberg Cathedral
Bamberg Cathedral69.92km from Fortress Marienberg

Founded in 1002 by Emperor Heinrich II and consecrated in 1012. After the first two cathedrals burned down in the 11th and 12th centuries, the current structure with four large towers, was built in the 13th century. The church contains many works of art, including the marble tomb of the founder and his wife, the Empress Kunigunde.

Wild Park Castle Tambach
Wild Park Castle Tambach83.46km from Fortress Marienberg

The Tambach Wildlife Park is an animal park in the Coburg district in Upper Franconia, which is connected to Tambach Castle in the district of the same name in the Weitramsdorf community. It is home to numerous, mainly native, wild animals that are kept in spacious enclosures. These include red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, bison, mouflon, and elk. Other large animal species in the wildlife park are Heck cattle and Sika deer. Today the park is also home to wildcats, lynxes, and wolves.

Messel Pit Fossil Site
Messel Pit Fossil Site84.73km from Fortress Marienberg

The Messel Pit is a disused quarry near Messel's village about 35 km south-east of Frankfurt. Because of its abundance of fossils, it has significant geological and scientific importance. It is is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site on Dec 9, 1995, making the area a tourist site and famous attraction. The Messel Pit provides the best preserved evidence of Geiseltalian flora and fauna so far discovered. Most other sites are lucky to contain partial skeletons, but Messel boasts extensive pres

Felsenmeer Lautertal
Felsenmeer Lautertal88.42km from Fortress Marienberg

The Felsenmeer Lautertal is a massive field of boulders that covers an area of nearly 200 acres. Some of the boulders are as large as houses, and the entire field is surrounded by a dense forest. This fascinating geological formation was created over millions of years by weathering.

Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)
Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)89.92km from Fortress Marienberg

Surrounded by meadows, fields and garden, Schultheis pond is a quick getaway on a hot summer day. The lake is surrounded by a nature reserve and offers sunbathing area.

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