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Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond) - 5 Things to Know Before Visiting

Schultheis-Weiher, 63075 Offenbach am Main, Germany

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About Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

Surrounded by meadows, fields and garden, Schultheis pond is a quick getaway on a hot summer day. The lake is surrounded by a nature reserve and offers sunbathing area.

The Schultheis pond (also: Schultheisweiher) is located in the Mainbogen between Offenbach-Bürgel and Offenbach-Rumpenheim. Originally excavated as a gravel pit by the Schultheis company in 1928, the water surface of the lake is 10.4 hectares, with a maximum water depth of 3.11 meters. After gravel mining was abandoned in the 1960s, the area was partially filled with trash until this was prohibited by the authorities in 1975. At the end of the 1970s the area was converted into a local recreation area.

Recreational opportunities

On the shore of the lake, there is a large sunbathing lawn with a small nudist area on its west side, showers and sanitary facilities. There is no parking directly at the lake, but there is an access road to just before the pond for short stops and loading and unloading. Access to the lake is free of charge. During the bathing season between May and September, there is bathing supervision from 10:00 to 20:00, outside this time bathing is prohibited.

In 2015, 140,000 people visited the pond by the end of the bathing season. In 2016, 300,000 people visited the pond by the end of the bathing season.

Water status

Before and during the bathing season (usually from May 1 to September 15 of each year), the water quality is monitored by the Offenbach City Health Office using various examination methods. Likewise, a fortnightly inspection and odor testing takes place. Since 2012, the water quality has given no cause for complaint. The current classification of the European Union according to the EC Bathing Water Directive provides for the pond the predicate of the highest award Excellent Quality. 

In 2017, the red American swamp crayfish was detected in the Schultheis pond for the first time. This introduced species can become a problem for native species there and is therefore on the EU list of invasive alien species of Union-wide importance.

Nature reserve

As part of the reclamation concept, the southern half of the lake can be used for recreational purposes by bathers, model boaters and anglers, while the northern half was developed as a biotope, and designated as a protected zone for rare species. It is closed to visitors. A number of rare bird species can be found here, such as the great crested grebe, gray heron, pochard, tufted duck, mallard, coot, pochard, teal, wigeon, gadwall, goldeneye, various species of mergansers, cormorants and little grebes. Common loons have also been observed. The kingfisher is an annual winter visitor. During the migratory season, limicolas, cormorants and various raptors are also repeatedly present.

Attractions Near Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

Frankfurt Zoo
Frankfurt Zoo6.07km from Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

The Frankfurt Zoo is a world-renowned zoo in the city of Frankfurt, Hessen. The zoo is home to around 4,000 animals, many of which can be seen in one of the six themed areas on the zoo grounds. With plenty of attractions for visitors of all ages, the Frankfurt Zoo is a must-see destination for any traveler visiting Frankfurt. Frankfurt Zoo is an accredited member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) and participates in several global conservation projects.

Museum für Moderne Kunst
Museum für Moderne Kunst7.21km from Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

The Museum für Moderne Kunst (MMK in short) is a modern art museum in Frankfurt. Founded in 1981 and opened in 1991, the museum is popularly called "peice of cake" because of it's trangular shape. This is one of the newest museums in Frankfurt and it's permanent collection comprises of over 4,500 works of international art, from 1960's to the present.

Frankfurt Cathedral
Frankfurt Cathedral7.21km from Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

This Roman Catholic Gothic church is placed in the center of Frankfurt. It is the largest religious building in the city and was a former collegiate church. Despite its common English name, it has never been a true cathedral, but is called the Kaiserdom (an "imperial great church" or imperial cathedral) due to its importance as former election and coronation church of the Holy Roman Empire.

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt7.34km from Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

Schirn Kunsthalle is an art gallery located between the Römer and the Frankfurt Cathedral. The gallery exhibits modern and contemporary art, and it is the main venue for temporary art exhibitions in Frankfurt.

Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt Art Association)
Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt Art Association)7.39km from Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt Art Association) is an art museum located in the center of Frankfurt. It was founded in 1829 by a group of influential residents of the city and today it is situated on a gothic building from 1464 called "Steinernes Haus (Stone Building)". The museum has no permanent collection, but its contemporary art exhibitions are internallionally renowned.

Römer7.45km from Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

This medieval building is located in Altstadt district in Frankfurt, Germany. It is one of the most important landmarks in the city. The Römer has been Frankfurt's city hall for over 600 years.

Where is Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

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Situated in west-central Germany, The state of Hesse is bordered by six German states. Most of the population of Hesse lives in the southern part, in the Rhine-Main Area. The countryside is hilly and has numerous mountain ranges. Hesse is the greenest state in Germany, as forest covers 42% of the state.

What Visitors Say About Schultheis-Weiher (Schultheis pond)

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Nele Lenze
Nele Lenze
To cool down I wanted to go to a lake after work. Schultheis Weiher is not far from my house and free of charge. Unfortunately, the lake wasn't in great shape and while it is health-wise ok to bathe, it is not very inviting. Maybe a good place for a picnic with a view.