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Lined with casuarina trees proving shades to the walkways underneath, Chootad Beach is an amazing place for children and family. The park at the beach consists of many small restuarants and attractions for children- swings, slingshots, inflated castles to name a few.

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Chootad Beach is popular beach in Kannur District of Kerala state. Located near to Madayipara, and with the views towards the hills of Ezhimala, the beach has many small restaurants, and park with several playground equipments for children. 

What to see at Chootad Beach?

The beach is lined with Cassuerina trees. Underneath in its shades are the various restaurants and children’s playground. This arrangement makes Chootad beach incredibly popular in the local area as families can leave their children to play while sitting under the shades enjoying snacks and drinks from the restaurants.

The children’s play equipments include swings, slingshots, seesaws, inflated castles to name a few. The kids seems to have the time of their life here. 

Not every part of the beach is swimmable. There are signboards to indicate swimmable areas. The sunset from the beach is amazing due to the colors of the sky, as well as the presence of the Ezhimala Hills right near to the beach.

One of the drawdowns of this beach is the amount of plastic and other waste materials laying around it's premises. This is so off-putting while visiting, especially since there are plenty of waste bins placed in every nook and corner of the playground and the beach. It is such a shame that the beach goers does not care.

Best time to visit Chootad Beach:

Chootad Beach can be very crowded on the weekends. Due to its family friendly setup and children’s playground, a lot of families with grandparents, parents, and children flock here. Parking can be a pain too in the peak weekend evenings as there are limited spaces available.

In general, it is recommended to visit Chootad beach in the evening(perhaps not on a weekend if you don’t like crowds). You can watch a beautiful sunset, and if you are looking forward to have a swim in the ocean, the heat is much merciful then.

How to get to Chootad Beach?

Chootad Beach is located in Kannur District of Kerala State in India. The nearest major railway station is Payyannur from where you can get a bus to Pazhayangadi. From Pazhayangadi, take a taxi to the beach, it will take about 20 minutes to reach.

Entry fees to Chootad Beach:

INR 25 for adults(Indian Citizens)

INR 10 for two wheeler parking

Activities Around

Attractions Near Chootad Beach



3.09km from Chootad Beach

Madayippara is a lesser-known hill station near the Pazhayangadi city. It is famous for its rich biodiversity and natural beauty. A nice place to hang out in the evening with family and friends.

Kanayi kanam

Kanayi kanam

14.06km from Chootad Beach

A small stream with several small waterfalls flowing through thick vegetation. The stream has several small pools that are filled with fishes.



14.99km from Chootad Beach

A marshy island noted for its biodiversity and local conservative efforts. Home to endangered "White-bellied Sea Eagle". The monkey feast here during the Onam festival is extraordinary.

Parassinikkadavu Snake Park & Mini Zoo

Parassinikkadavu Snake Park & Mini Zoo

17.44km from Chootad Beach

Witness and interact with King Cobras, Vipers, Crocodiles and many other snakes and reptiles.

Haritheerthakkara Water Falls(Ariyil waterfalls)

Haritheerthakara waterfalls is a three tiered waterfall in a beautiful, small stream. It is easily accessible through a small walk, and it is a nice spot small adventures for everyone including small children.

Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam Beach

21.11km from Chootad Beach

One of the five beaches that are collectively known as "Kannur beach". Being right near to Kannur City, the beach is a popular spot. In addition to the beach, the area has monuments that commemorate the lives of political leaders who belonged to Kannur.

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21 attractions

Forts, temples, beaches and wildlife sanctuaries and a long history of spice trade.

Location of Chootad Beach

What Visitors Say About Chootad Beach


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Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


This is a pretty good beach for children and family as there is a well equiped park with slides, slingshots, swings and many other amusements for children. There also quite a few restuarants, all under the nice shade if casuarina trees.

Well for us though, the place was packed with people, the water was a bit dirty to jump into, not to mention the crowd. All we could do was sit in one corner and have some snacks.


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