Attractions to explore nearby Gole Del Raganello - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Gole Del Raganello

Gole Del RaganelloTorrente Raganello, Provincia di, 87010 Cosenza CS, Italy

The Gole del Raganello nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipalities of San Lorenzo Bellizzi , Civita and Cerchiara di Calabria , in the province of Cosenza . The reserve occupies an area of ​​1600 hectares within the Pollino National Park and was established in 1987. visits to the stream are recommended only with the accompaniment of a guide, also given the past episodes in which groups of hikers had to be rescued for having advanced without the necessary experience

Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi4.94 KMs away from Gole Del Raganello

The sanctuary of Santa Maria Delle Armi is a monumental complex of medieval origin in Calabria. It is located in the territory of Cerchiara di Calabria on the slopes of Mount Sellaro at 1015 m above sea level with a view of the Sibari plain and the Gulf of Taranto.  Today's sanctuary stands on an ancient Byzantine monastic site, on the slopes of Mount Sellaro, also known as the holy mountain.