Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi in Calabria, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

87070 Cerchiara di Calabria, Province of Cosenza, Italy

Iconic Buildings

About Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

The sanctuary of Santa Maria Delle Armi is a monumental complex of medieval origin in Calabria. It is located in the territory of Cerchiara di Calabria on the slopes of Mount Sellaro at 1015 m above sea level with a view of the Sibari plain and the Gulf of Taranto.  Today's sanctuary stands on an ancient Byzantine monastic site, on the slopes of Mount Sellaro, also known as the holy mountain.

Attractions near Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

Gole Del Raganello4.94km from Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

The Gole del Raganello nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipalities of San Lorenzo Bellizzi , Civita and Cerchiara di Calabria , in the province of Cosenza . The reserve occupies an area of ​​1600 hectares within the Pollino National Park and was established in 1987. visits to the stream are recommended only with the accompaniment of a guide, also given the past episodes in which groups of hikers had to be rescued for having advanced without the necessary experience

Serra Dolcedorme14.35km from Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

Serra Dolcedorme is the highest peak of the Pollino massif, as well as of the southern Apennines. It is located in Calabria, between the municipalities of Castrovillari and Cerchiara, not far from the border with Basilicata.  The southern slope, which flows into the Piana di Sibari, is very steep and is characterized by a grandiose wall, the most imposing in southern Italy.

Terranova di Pollino16.14km from Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

Terranova di Pollino is an Italian town of 1 129 inhabitants, in the province of Potenza, in Basilicata, at the southern limit of its border with the province of Cosenza.  The municipality, located in the Pollino National Park, includes several hamlets in its territory, which are: Casa Del Conte, Destra Delle Donne, San Migalio, Vena Della Ricotta.

Pollino17.04km from Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

The Monte Pollino - whose peak reaches 2,248 m above sea level - despite being second in height after greenhouse Dolcedorme, is the mountain that gives its name to the solid, in the middle of the homonymous national park, one of the many geosites of the Pollino Geopark.  One of the good trekking destination and also a good view point too.

Serra del Prete19.95km from Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

The Serra del Prete is a mountain of ' southern Apennines, on the border between Calabria and Basilicata. With its maximum height of 2,181 m, it is the third highest mountain in the Pollino Massif, and therefore in the Pollino National Park, after Monte Pollino and Serra Dolcedorme. The mountain is located between the municipalities of Morano Calabro, on the southern side, and from Viggianello on the northern side.

Pollino National Park23.81km from Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

The Pollino National Park,  located between Basilicata and Calabria between the provinces of Cosenza, Potenza and Matera, with its 192 565 hectares, of which 88 650 on the Lucan side and 103 915 in the Calabrian one, is the largest national park in Italy; takes its name from the mountain massif of the same name. Since November 2015, with the inclusion in the global list of geoparks by the UNESCO, the Pollino park is considered a world heritage site.

Where is Santuario Santa Maria delle Armi

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Calabria attracts year-round tourism, offering both summer and winter activities, in addition to its cultural, historical, artistic heritage, it has an abundance of protected natural habitats and 'green' zones. The 485 miles of its coast make Calabria a tourist destination during the summer. The low industrial development and the lack of major cities in much of its territory have allowed the maintenance of indigenous marine life.