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Monte Alpi - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Monte Alpi, 85043 Latronico, Province of Potenza, Italy

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About Monte Alpi

The upstream Alps, with its twin peaks Pizzo Falcone and S. Croce, it is as pertaining among the highest reliefs of ' lucano Apennines and constitutes one of the most interesting areas and intact from the point of view environmental and naturalistic. The extreme northern extension of the Pollino massif, the Alps guard the upper valley of the Sinni river, south of Mount Raparo, east of the Sirino massif, and north, north-east of to the La Spina-Zaccana mountain range.

Attractions Near Monte Alpi

Monti la Spina – Zaccana
Monti la Spina – Zaccana7.23km from Monte Alpi

Mount La Spina and Monte Zaccana, are located in the ' Apennines Lucan southern within the Pollino National Park. Located between the municipalities of Lauria and Castelluccio Superiore in the province of Potenza, together with the nearby Monte Alpi, they represent the northern offshoot of the largest protected area in Italy.

Massiccio del Sirino
Massiccio del Sirino12.65km from Monte Alpi

The Sirino massif is a mountainous massif of Basilicata which includes some of the major peaks of the southern Apennines: Monte Papa, Cima De Lorenzo, Timpa Scazzariddo, and Monte Sirino, representing the extreme southern offshoot of the Appennino Lucano Val d'Agri Lagonegrese National Park. A good location for a nature walk and also you can explore vast varieties of flora and fauna too.

Lago Laudemio
Lago Laudemio12.81km from Monte Alpi

The Lake Laudemio regional reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Lagonegro, in the province of Potenza, and established under the Basilicata regional law. It is located on the slopes of Mount Papa at an altitude of 1525 m of the Sirino Massif overlooking Lagonegro and falls within the territory of the Appennino Lucano Val d'Agri Lagonegrese National Park. The lake from which the reserve takes its name is also known as Remmo.

Lago Sirino
Lago Sirino15.08km from Monte Alpi

The Lake Sirino is a small natural reservoir of Basilicata place in a karst valley at the foot of the eponymous mountain in the town of Nemoli, an ' altitude of 788 meters above sea level. The lake, slightly elliptical in shape, is perhaps the last remnant of the great Pleistocene lake that occupied the Noce valley. The stretch of water, in ancient times much larger than the current five hectares of the periods of full winter, in prehistoric times occupied the lake basin of the Noce.

San Severino Lucano
San Severino Lucano16.73km from Monte Alpi

San Severino Lucano is an Italian town of 1 497 inhabitants in the province of Potenza, in Basilicata, located in the Pollino National Park. This municipality, together with its hamlets, marks the entrance to the heart of the Pollino Massif on the northeast side, in a particularly happy position due to the presence of numerous waterways, the main one being the Frido stream, from which springs, in the homonymous valley surmounted by the cliff on which the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Pollino sta

Lago di Pietra del Pertusillo
Lago di Pietra del Pertusillo18.53km from Monte Alpi

The Pietra del Pertusillo lake is an artificial lake located in the territory of the municipalities of Grumento Nova, Montemurro, and Spinoso. The lake was built between 1957 and 1962, as a dam of the Agri river, with funds from the Cassa del Mezzogiorno, which granted the institution for the development of irrigation and land transformation in Puglia and Basilicata the execution of works.

Where is Monte Alpi

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Difficult accessibility and lack of extended promotion make Basilicata one of the most remote and least visited regions of Italy. However, tourism is slowly growing since the early 2000s. Matera, once dubbed "national disgrace" by prime minister Alcide De Gasperi who urged to take strict development measures due to its extreme poverty, is now Basilicata's main attraction and has gained fame worldwide for its historical center, the Sassi, designated in 1993 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.