Malaysian Roadtrip

Rain, floods, trip re-route & 1,800 KM on bike


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Nithin Mathew

Trip from 25 Dec 2014 to 26 Dec 2014

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25 Dec 2014

Frasers' Hill

So what I remember most about Fraser's Hill is its access road that runs twisting and turning through forest. The roads are very bendy making it a riders favorite and in some places the climb ge...

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26 Dec 2014

Kerachut Beach

This beach is part of Penang Wildlife Sanctuary and green turtles nest here from April to August. Hearing the name 'Turtle Beach' we were expecting to see turtles filled in the beach but was ver...

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Monkey Beach

Monkey beach lies near to the Turtle beach, also on the Penang Wildlife Sanctuary. The place has few small bars where you can get some drinks and you can also do off-road adventure activities in...

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Penang Hill

The view from top of Penang Hill is breath taking. The whole island of Penang- with its two long bridges, the clouds hovering over the city can be seen from the peak. In the hill itself, ther...

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Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew

W payed to god and then the floods went away ;P

Suraj Kizhakke Veetil

Suraj Kizhakke Veetil

How did you survive the flood?