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Nithin Mathew

Trip from 02 Aug 2018 to 03 Aug 2018

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02 Aug 2018

Cathedral of Barcelona

This gothic cathedral is a piece of art. Although probably lost its touristy significance due to the Sagrada Familia, the church is still a great attraction to visit. The immensely large interior ...

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Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

Art museum with a nice architecture. It's located among some of the oldest and narrowest streets of Barcelona. There are three periods of modern art represented here- forties to sixties, sixties a...

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Park Güell

Mosaic covered buildings, steps and sculptures. The design of the park was done by Antoni Gaudi, the renowned architect of Sagrada Familia. The park is a reflection of Gaudi's artistic abilities, ...

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03 Aug 2018

La Sagrada Familia

The hundred plus year old master piece of Antoni Gaudi that is still under construction. This Basilica is as large as a city block and towers the city of Barcelona. The building is spotable from fa...

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