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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Jan 2019

So here is the thing with this place- if you are an animal lover, you will be devastated to see the elephants in chains and deers in the cages, if you are not you probably won't be bothered much. The place houses around 7 elephants that were rescued or legally asked to be moved. It acts as a small sanctuary and stories of each of these elephants are written on one of the boards. They stand in their designated places (in chains) feeding themselves. I guess most part of their day is spent like this except for the daily baths they take in the river nearby. In addition to the elephants, there were three deer enclosures as well housing two different kinds of deers. You can walk around all the deer and elephant enclosures and can take a look at the bathing place for the elephants as well. There is a small red sandalwood plantation and many other small gardens around,  housing medicinal plants and fruit plants. All in all we spend around an hour and then headed off.  And btw, this was the second time we were trying to visit the place. First time we went on a Monday and the place was closed on Mondays.

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