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Mahabalipuram Light House

Mahabalipuram Light House

Chennai, Robins, & Remya

This relatively new lighthouse was constructed in 1887. India's oldest lighthouse built around 640 AD stands next to this modern structure. The Pallava era old lighthouse is a protected monument and bonfires were lit on top of it to aid the mariners then. The new lighthouse and the old lighthouse are adjacent to each other.

You can get on top of the lighthouse but at the time we were visiting, the lift was not operational. Had to climb a lot of steps to reach the top (Although I skipped climbing up since I have already been to few lighthouses before). The location at which the lighhouse situates is pretty spectacular, on top of lard rock, overlooking the sea. I bet the surise from up top will be super beautiful to watch.
Nithin Mathew

Visited on Jun 2018