Chennai, Robins, & Remya

Weekend at Chennai with parents, brothers and friends.


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Nithin Mathew

Trip from 16 Jun 2018 to 17 Jun 2018

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16 Jun 2018

Krishna's Butter Ball

This is a gigantic granite boulder resting on a short incline. The boulder is almost six meters high and five meters wide, weighs around 250 tons. It stands on the base of a slope and said to be in...

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Shore Temple

Shore temple, overlooking the bay of Bengal was built in the 7th centuary AD. It is built with granite blocks and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The temple is beleived to be the last of a series ...

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Santhome Cathedral

Santhome Cathedral or St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica was built in the 16th century Portugese explorers. The church was rebuilt in 1893 by the British in neo-gothic style and the British version stil...

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Mahabalipuram Light House

This relatively new lighthouse was constructed in 1887. India's oldest lighthouse built around 640 AD stands next to this modern structure. The Pallava era old lighthouse is a protected monumen...

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Mahishamardini Rock Cut Mandapa

This is a rock cut cave temple located on a hill, dating 7th century. This is a part of monuments at Mahabalipuram. This temple has many interesting architectural features, especially the exquisite...

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Thirumoorthi Cave

The cave temple is dedicated to Trimurties of Hinduism - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Unlike the other cave temples at Mahabalipuram, this one doest have any pillared courtyard and has three shrines s...

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17 Jun 2018

St. Thomas Mount National Shrine

St. Thomas the Apostle, believed to have been martyred in St. Thomas Mount. There is a small church at the top of the mount and the altar of the church is beleived to be built on the spot where St....

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