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Kolukku Malai Top

Kolukku Malai Top


<p>This was the very first visit to Kolukku Malai and it was incredible.</p> <p>After the hour long totally bad road from Suryanelli town, reched the top and witnessed the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. Both sides of the top are extremely sloppy and in one side of it is a large valley that locks clouds in it. The sun rises up slowly behind the cloud turning the sky orange, red and slowly to blue of the skies.</p> <p>It was very windy and cold, and the jeep ride from bottom of the peak is terrible but the view from top is so mesmarising. Although I returned again in October, the view was not so nice then. May be February is the best time to visit?</p>

Nithin Mathew

Visited on Feb 2017

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