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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Feb 2016

This is one tall waterfall, probably lost its glory due to the presence of myriad's of other waterfalls located in Munnar. It is about 50 meters tall, in dry months very peaceful and in the monsoon months, huge volume of water falls through here. The falls is surrounded by bamboo forest in one side which elephants frequent and rubber plantations in another. We were there in February with a friend who lived nearby who made is possible for us to climb through the rocks of the fall to almost to the top. In other months except from January to May, I think the climb will not be possible at all due to the increased amount of water pouring through. You can access the falls from its top portion and then have a short hike to the bottom through plantations and then you will be able to see the full size of the gigantic falls. It looks majestic and since it is not the most popular falls in the area, you can spend all the time you want peacefully there. We climbed the rocks, took shower in the trickling water that falls 20 meters up and had a great adventure.