Eravikulam National Park

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Nov 2017

While lions are generally considered the king of the jungle, at Eravikulam National Park Nilgiri Tahr- the endangered ibex is the real king. They roam around freely, doing their business, not scared of humans at all. They dont even mind us and pose nicely for photos too! Apart from the Tahrs, the view here is breathtaking. Expect long queuing at the ticket counter and in order to get on to the safari buses (we waited more than an hour) unless you reach early in the morning. There are only seven buses that shuttles back and forth from the entrance to the peak and there were more than 300 people always in the queue. The safari bus takes you through amazing scenery, starting with tea plantations and then steep hills with waterfalls to the top of the plateau. At top you can walk around for about a km and half checking out the tahrs and the views. The tallest peak of India outside of Himalayas- Anamudi is a part of the national park and you can view it in its entirety. Its massive and looks just like an elephant. There is a waterfall that drops from top of the peak and it looks gorgeous falling in its tiny droplets from the sides of the large rocky Anamudi.

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