Ranipuram Peak

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Mar 2016

The hike is through forests and then through grasslands covering a distance of about three km. Its not so easy as climb (saw some youngsters abandoning the hike midway even though my parents managed to climb up till the top), it is quite steep and most parts of the trail does not have any shades. The road to the peak is one of the best one to drive and ride. The view is amazing, the climate is quite cool even in peak summers (during which we visited the place). The top areas are usually covered in thick green grasses but while we were there, the colour of the grass was orangish red do the the warm climate. In any case, green or orange, it was absolutely amazing to see. The area is regularly visited by elephants so there will be many forest guards watching every move you make. Listen to their advice! Also bring water and some energy snacks, it will help for sure, and please do not throw any plastics/ waste there!

Location of Ranipuram Peak