Mekong River Delta

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Dec 2019

These photos here does not do any justice to Meekong Delta as it's a huge huge area, about 45,00 square kilometers. The area visited was in and around Ben Tre and is called the coconut kingdom of Meekong. It is so interesting to see all the coconut related industries operating in here- charcoal factories, coconut candy factories, handicraft makers, so and so on. Also makes you wonder coming from a coconut land why the same can't be done in Kerala. It is very fascinating to watch the locals as they go around doing their business and it also feels a lot like a perfect socialist place that we hear and read about. I am sure there are plenty of problems that they face which we would not even spot. Also got to try out a lot of new food including wine that was made by putting snake in it. It did not taste any different though. There were a lot of other stuff that we wanted to explore like Floating markets, fruits markets and so on but they were three or four hours away from the area where we were in. If you really want to see at least 10% of Meekong Delta, you should do a week long boat tour. There is no way you can fully take in Meekong Delta otherwise.

Location of Mekong River Delta