Technik Museum Sinsheim

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Feb 2023

First time seeing a #concorde and it was magnificent. The major attractions here obviously are the super Sonic Concorde and the Tuplov that is displayed in a take-off angle. You can go inside the cabin(it is quite smaller compared to the modern aircraft with tiny windows) and check out the pilot cabin which is filled with switches!! In addition to the two super sonic aircraft, there are many other older aircrafts hanging left and right throughout the museum in slightly weird angles that can sometimes generate nausea while walking its cabins. There are also many cars displayed, there is a playground where you can do some small roller coasting like activities and you can also slide through tubes to get off the aircraft cabin. There is also a IMAX 3d theatre that shows stunning documentaries. Overall we had a great two hours here.

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