War Remnants Museum

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Claudia LB

Visited on Dec 2019

WARNING: A LOT OF THE PICTURES ARE VERY GRAPHIC IN NATURE. War remanants Museum is a must visit for everyone coming to Vietnam. It shows the perils of the people During the Vietnamese American war and how it still effects them. There are four floors in total. The exhibitions starts with a lot of war equipments- helicopters, tanks, artillery, fighter planes, huge bombs etc and then it gets from fascinating to extremely serious and sad as you go in. The extreme tortures and life conditions of the war prisoners, the graphic pictures that make you extremely sad, the effects of Dioxin- the chemical that was used to kill people, everything make you question the existance of nations and the fight for their lifestyle or interests. It is indeed a sad place (and very important) and does exactly the name says- it reminds us of the war and how bad it is.

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